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Sheriff Joe Accused Of Racial Profiling

So what's the bad thing here?  Illegal Invasinistas are illegal invasionistas.

The Snooper Report.
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Voters approve Arizona medical marijuana measure

This is a GREAT idea...isn't it?  Let's just alow the illegal invasionistas to make another killing!  GOOD JOB!

Give the illegals every chance they need, Arizona. Good job.

By a narrow margin, Arizona voters have given their OK to legalized medical marijuana for people with chronic or debilitating diseases.

The decision makes Arizona the 15th state to approve a medical marijuana law. California was the first in 1996, and 13 other states and Washington, D.C., have followed suit.

Proposition 203 won by just 4,341 votes out of more than 1.67 million ballots counted, according to final tallies Saturday.

Approval came as somewhat of a surprise after the measure started out losing on Election Day by about 7,200 votes. The gap gradually narrowed until it surged ahead during Friday’s count by more than 4,000 votes. Saturday’s final count was 841,346 in favor of the measure and 837,005 opposed.

“We really believe that we have an opportunity to set an example to the rest of the country on what a good medical marijuana program looks like,” said Andrew Myers, campaign manager for the Arizona Medical Marijuana Policy Project.

The Arizona measure will allow patients with diseases including cancer, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C and any other “chronic or debilitating” disease that meets guidelines to buy 2½ ounces of marijuana every two weeks or grow plants.

The patients must get a recommendation from their doctor and register with the Arizona Department of Health Services. The law allows for no more than 124 marijuana dispensaries in the state. After ballots are canvassed Nov. 29, the state has 120 days before the law goes into effect.

Backers of Proposition 203 have argued that thousands of patients faced “a terrible choice” of suffering with a serious or even terminal illness or going to the criminal market for pot. They collected more than 252,000 signatures to put the measure on the ballot — nearly 100,000 more than required.

All Arizona’s sheriff’s and county prosecutors, the governor, attorney general and many other politicians came out against the measure.

Carolyn Short, chairwoman of Keep AZ Drug Free, the group that organized opposition to the initiative, said her group believes the law will increase crime around dispensary locations, lead to more people driving while impaired and eventually lead to legalized pot for everyone.

She noted that the major financial backer of the new measure, the Washington-based Marijuana Policy Project, makes no bones about its ultimate goal: national legalization of marijuana for everyone.

“All of the political leaders came out and warned Arizonans that this was going to have very dire effects on a number of levels,” Short said after the measure pulled into the lead late on Friday. “I don’t think that all Arizonans have heard those dire predictions.”

Arizona voters overwhelmingly approved a medical marijuana law in 1996 and 1998, but it never went into effect because of problems with its wording.

The Snooper Report.
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Arizona Man Arrested After Guns Found in Truck at National Mall

U.S. Park Police investigate a suspicious vehicle parked by the National Mall near the U.S. Capitol in Washington, on Wednesday, Nov. 3, 2010. U.S. Park Police say a man has been arrested after guns and ammunition were found inside a vehicle parked near the National Mall. U.S. Park Police say an Arizona man has been arrested after guns and ammunition were found inside a truck hauling a camper parked along the National Mall.

The truck was parked along the National Mall near the National Air and Space Museum Wednesday afternoon, when an officer noticed something suspicious inside. A bomb disposal unit was called in. Sgt. David Schlosser says no explosives were found, but a handgun and more than one rifle were found inside.

Schlosser says the unidentified man would be charged with unregistered ammunition and firearms offenses.

Part of the Mall and some nearby roads were closed while police investigated. Museum visitors were evacuated shortly before the 5:30 p.m. closing time, TBD reported.

The Snooper Report.
Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly


Most wanted fugitive accused of killing Tucson teen caught

TUCSON – U.S. Marshals and Tucson Police have caught one of America’s most wanted fugitives after 9 years on the run.

U.S. Marhshals say Max Montijo-LaMadrid was caught today by Sonora State Investigative Police with the help of Marshals in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico.

Montijo-LaMadrid was wanted for the first-degree murder of Tanee Natividad, a 16-year-old Palo Verde High School student.

Tanee Natividad, allegedly shot and killed by Montijo-LaMadrid

In 2001, Marshals say Montijo-LaMadrid was at a fast food restaurant, seeking revenge for a friend that was shot and killed earlier.

Montijo-LaMadrid thought the person he was looking for was in the car that Natividad was riding in, and opened fire on it, hitting Natividad in the head and killing her, Marshals say.

Over the past 9 years, U.S. Marshals and Tucson Police pursued Montijo-LaMadrid.

Last week, a group of U.S. Marshals traveled to Hermosillo to coordinate with local police there and capture the fugitive.

Marshals say Montijo-LaMadrid evaded capture for 9 years by assuming other identites and moving frequently within Mexico.

David P. Gonzales, U.S. Marshal for the District of Arizona, stated that “the arrest of Montijo-LaMadrid was the direct result of the close working relationships developed with Mexican law enforcement officials and the U.S. Marshal Service”.

The fugitive will be transported to Mexico City to await extradition back to Pima County.

The Snooper Report.
Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
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Appeals court to mull states' role in immigration

It ain't over until it is over...

PHOENIX - The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals held a hearing Monday to decide whether US District Judge Susan Bolton made the right decision when she blocked the main sections of Arizona’s new immigration law. 

The hour-long hearing in San Francisco ended around 10:30 a.m.

It's unclear when the court will rule on the SB 1070 appeal. 

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer attended the hearing, which began with tough questioning of her lawyers over previous appellate ruling that rejected state regulation of illegal immigration. 

ABC15's Rudabeh Shahbazi was in the courtroom in California. You can follow her on Twitter.

She tweeted opening arguments from Arizona, including, "AZ has burden of federal government's failure to enforce rule of law. Administration won't enforce what Congress has made law."

"AZ: If you can't determine within reasonable time what status is, you have to turn them loose," she tweeted. [...] go read the rest

SB 1070 ain't done until it is done but the Ninth Circuit of Useless Appeals?  Please.

The Snooper Report.
Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly


Obamatard Vote Snatchers Heading To AZ for the Illegal Alien Votes

The Justice Department is sending a small pack of election observers to Arizona as Hispanic groups sound the alarm over an anti-illegal immigration group’s mass e-mail seeking to recruit Election Day volunteers to help block illegal immigrants from voting.To help stop the ILLEGAL INVASIONISTAS from voting?  Really?

Hispanic voting rights groups say the e-mail is just an attempt to intimidate minority voters. But election fraud monitors say that there are hundreds of examples of duplicate registrations, wrong information and past unregistered voters getting ballots.

Voter fraud allegations have emerged just days before the midterm in many crucial battleground states across the country, including Nevada, Pennsylvania and Florida.

The Justice Department announced Friday it would deploy more than 400 federal observers to 30 jurisdictions in 18 states ahead of Tuesday’s election. But Arizona officials say the department had already committed to sending observers to their state. [...]

To stop voter intimidation?  Really?

The Snooper Report.
Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly


Immigration Deformity Still AFU and Caught In An Obama Nightmare

I love these signs.  Its as if the illegal invasionistas actually do take these roads and they do actually read the signs and cringe at the thought of being caught.  If the BP actually did a good job at their jobs, wouldn't they be sneaking up on folks and not having "authorized check points"?  Or, wouldn't the signs be in Mexicanish?  What's up with the English signs?  Don't we know what is happening on the southern border?  Are the BP patrols o the northern border in French?  Just wondering.

There has been no shortage of talk about comprehensive immigration reform on Capitol Hill. But years of promises, good intentions and even all-out efforts to pass legislation so far have led nowhere. And with Congress in recess, time has run out – again – to tackle reform before the midterm elections, which could change the balance of power in Washington.

It’s enough for frustrated advocates to wonder if Congress’ continued lack of action is deliberate.

So far it hasn’t mattered whether a Democrat or a Republican is in the White House or which party is controlling Congress. President George W. Bush failed to get reform through in 2006 when his party was in charge and failed again in 2007 after the Democrats took over. President Barack Obama campaigned on immigration reform in 2008 but even with his vocal support and commanding Democratic majorities, a long-anticipated bill has yet to be introduced in the Senate. Partisan divisions are so steep that compromises have been impossible on any issue, let alone one as complicated and bulky as comprehensive immigration reform. [...] go read the rest

"It’s enough for frustrated advocates to wonder if Congress’ continued lack of action is deliberate." - YA THINK?


The Snooper Report.
Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly


Border Patrol Agents' Unions Issue Resolutions Declaring No Confidence In Obama, ICE

Border Patrol unions.  Please.  Unions?  No wonder they are all screwed up.

Brandon Judd, union vice president and president of Local 2544 in Tucson, said this week that the Obama administration has purposefully understaffed remote areas and attempted to limit the number of undocumented immigrants captured in Arizona so that it can assert that illegal immigration is dropping because of improved enforcement.On top of that, the jerk wad of the DHS has stated that she has no idea about the border and wants all the ILLEGAL INVASIONISTAS to be "guilty" of Shamnesty.

The Snooper Report.
Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly


DEPORT THEM ALL - So Says The Best of the Best

Sheriff Arpaio - America's Toughest Sherrif...

If confirmation were needed that the Tea Party movement is motivated – at least out west – by anger over illegal immigration and a desire to turn America into a closed fortress, then it was provided in Las Vegas.

In a packed saloon on the edges of town last night, the Tea Party Express battle bus rolled in and fired up a crowd of about 2,000 supporters with lurid tales of the war against the illegal hordes.

The headline speaker was “America’s Toughest Sheriff”, Joe Arpaio, from Maricopa County in Arizona, which covers the state’s capital city, Phoenix. He has lit the fuse of the immigration debate in America with his hardcore round-’em-up-and-deport-’em politics.

As he came on stage the crowd gave a huge roar of approval, and a Tea Party band sang: “We stand with you Arizona / The rule of law in this land / What part of ‘illegal’ don’t they understand.”

“It’s very simple,” Arpaio began. “I have the solution, but nobody wants to listen to me.” The crowd booed.

The simple solution he offers is to round up largely Hispanic workers in factories and farms, filter them for those who lack immigration documents, and slap those people into a makeshift prison he erected using tents in the desert ahead of their deportation.

“You guys have got deserts here,” he said to the adoring throng. “Why don’t you put tents up here?”

Arizona’s recent attempt to extend Arpaio’s tough approach across the whole of the state provoked a heated national debate. The law is at a standstill pending legal challenges, including several from the federal government.

“I’ve been accused of being a racist and every name in the book. The federal government is investigating me. But every time they come after me my polls go higher,” Arpaio said.

Immigration has been one of the most contentious issues in the tight race in Nevada between Harry Reid, the top Democrat in the Senate, and the Tea Party-backed Sharron Angle, who is trying to unseat him.

Angle has accused Reid in TV advertising of extending social security payments to illegal immigrants. He has accused her of lying on the issue.

With unemployment running at almost 15% in Nevada – the highest rate in the US – and more than 20% in Las Vegas if you add in underemployment, the level of anger at the Tea Party saloon was palpable. “Dump Reid” stickers and T-shirts were everywhere.

“Reid represents everything I don’t like about the federal government,” said a property broker called Jeff, who asked not to give his last name. “He’s part of the party that needs to be over, done.”

Karen Wells, who owns a small business making glider aeroplanes, said: “He’s been in there too long. We need to fire them all and start over. They’re taxing me out of business, I’ve lost 75% of it already.”

“Save our liberty from socialism,” read a banner with a plastic model of the Statue of Liberty attached to it. The display was wielded by Jody Black, who receives unemployment benefit – having recently had to shut down her antique shop in Las Vegas – as well as Medicare health provision as a older person.

Both forms of assistance come from the government, which she blames for killing off innovation and turning America into a socialist regime. How does she square the circle of her beliefs and the personal subsidies she gets from government?

“We’ve been contributing to the fund, it’s our money and we want it back. We had no choice. It’s the liberals who have been taking money out of the fund and giving it to the illegals.”

As she spoke the band played on. “It’s time they heard these words: Let our borders be secured / With Arizona we should take a stand.”

Give 'em HELL Sherrif!  Give 'em HELL!

The Snooper Report.
Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly


American Civil Rights for ILLEGAL INVASIONISTAS

This is way too much for me.  Someone show me in the USC where NON-NATIONALS to the United States of America are covered under the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION.  OK?

TUCSON – A border patrol officer who admitted to kicking, punching and striking a Mexican national in Nogales in 2006 was sentenced yesterday in U.S. District Court.

I suppose the spotters we took away will sue us as well?  HA!  Not a chance, pal.  Not a chance.

[...] Edward C. Moreno, 41, pleaded guilty in June to depriving the civil rights of Mexican national. He was sentenced to 12 months supervised release, four months house arrest, and restitution of $1,392.25 for medical expenses. [...]

Screw them all.  I wonder if Americans in Mexico are given any "civil rights".

The Snooper Report.
Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly


Phoenix's First Cartel-Style Beheading

The first...that they have discovered anyway.  An illegal alien did the beheading and the Democrats want these asshats legalized so they can vote for them.  Disgusting.

Chandler police are investigating the bizarre case of a man who was stabbed, decapitated and left in a pool of blood in a central city apartment.

One man has been arrested and police are seeking three more suspects in what may the city’s first beheading. Chandler is a Phoenix suburb. [...] go read the rest

[...] The man police arrested in the case, Crisantos Moroyoqui, 36, is an undocumented immigrant who lived across the way from the murder scene. He rented a bed for $100 a month in a small apartment shared by five other day laborers. He had lived there three months, his roommates said Monday. [...]

Bullets.  That's what the ILLEGAL INVASIONISTAS understand.

Tijuana Ripped By Beheadings

A forensic expert looks at a bag containing a human head with a written message on it outside the newspaper Frontera in Tijuana, Mexico, TuesdayAnd the Mexicans complain about the ILLEGALS being sent back home?  Kill them all.

The Snooper Report.
Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly


Arizona Rising - Mexicans, Illegal Invasionistas and Politics

Hollywood Targets AZ Illegal-Immigration Law In Voter PSA

Leftist Propaganda Disguised As Journalism: Arizona Republic Says It’s Too Hard For Mexicans To Immigrate To U.S. Legally - AWWWWWWWWWWW! DA POOR IGNORANCE OF IT ALL!

MEXICO CITY (AP) - Two years ago, a young woman named Yudi went to the U.S. consulate in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, in pursuit of an impossible dream.

I want to go to the United States, she told the person at the reception desk.

Yudi knew her chances of getting a U.S. company to sponsor her for a work visa were slim. But if she could get a visitor’s visa, she reasoned, she could at least get over the border and look for a job.

Then the receptionist began to list the documents needed for a visitor’s visa: A bank statement showing thousands of dollars in savings. Property deeds. Car titles. Five years of pay stubs from a good-paying job.

Yudi’s heart sank.

“I realized it was impossible,” she said. “I would never have those things.”

Like Yudi, millions of people around the world want to enter the United States legally to live and work but simply have no hope of ever doing so, immigration experts say. U.S. visa laws have changed so radically in recent decades, let alone since the days of Ellis Island, that it is simply impossible for many hardworking people around the world to legally immigrate to the United States, they say.

Shut up you whining ass morons.  STAY HOME and pollute your own nation.  Morons.

Wife Of Murdered Arizona Rancher Hit By Car - just makes one wonder, doesn't it?

Arizona Sheriff Babeu Agrees to Meet With Billboard Owner Over ‘Racist’ Image - aren't the racist illegal invasionistas and narco-terrorist/insurgents just great?

Pinal County, Ariz., Sheriff Paul Babeu said Sunday he’d be willing to meet with the owner of a billboard who displayed an image of an Hispanic family with a quote by Babeu that the sheriff says portrays him as racially motivated.Arizona Officials Wary As Militia Groups Tout Freelance Desert Patrols - and the BP for the most part hates us all.

Outdoor enthusiasts for years have been drawn to the Sonoran Desert National Monument to explore its wildlife and arid beauty. These days, however, posted signs warn that visiting the area may come at a cost: “Travel caution - smuggling and illegal immigration may be encountered in this area.” That doesn’t sit well with Harry Hughes. “People should be out here having fun and not be afraid to come out here because of that,” Hughes said, pointing to one of the signs on a recent trek to western Pinal County. “We’re 70 miles away from Mexico. That’s pretty far away from the border to be having border problems.” Authorities seem to agree with Hughes on that point. What concerns them is what Hughes and his counterparts are doing about it.Doing about it?  We are exposing the fed for what it is worth...HORSESHIT!

Arizona’s Maricopa County Taking Away Citizens’ Life Savings, Property, Freedoms, Rights To Friends And Family - sounds "Rather" marxist-sociopathic to me.  You?

First, a judge rules that you can’t care for yourself. Then strangers can be given control of every aspect of your life. All that you’ve worked for and love - your savings, property, even your ability to contact your family - can be taken away and given to professionals to manage, at enormous expense to you. Wills, trusts and powers of attorney may not matter.Just wait until I get back to Arizona!

The Snooper Report.
Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly


Arizona Rising - We Are Here To Stay

As most of you know, I have been back in Texas dealing with my parents that have been hiding their dementia until after I arrived in Arizona.  I have been writing about this incident and it can be read here.

I spoke with Pat Dollard today and there are plans which seem to be taking time and that is a good thing.  Hopefully, I will be in Arizona this next Tuesday seeing that most of the plans for my parents are now over with both of them in a nursing home with a very secure lock down facility for my escaping Dad, God bless them both.

At any rate, from Pat Dollard and CompanyWe do live in a Medieval time frame especially with the marxist-sociopaths tyrying their damndest to destroy the greatest country in the world...

I’m sure many of you have noticed that Erik Wong, who is back in school, has been off the site, and it has been entirely maintained by myself. As many of you know, it is excruciating work, demonically demanding of my time.

As such, the surge in growth in activity in SAFE finally hit a point where I was unable to do both, and I temporarily shut down the site in order to get some key things in order with SAFE. This period of time entailed a lot of travel and meetings on my part, and I’m pleased to announce the positive results of both.

I have appointed a National Militia Commandant, an Iraq war vet, who will be known to you by his call sign, Black Flag. Given the amount of dangerous amateurs who have flooded Arizona in the past month, it was imperative to me to find and vet someone of the utmost caliber who not only understood the serious nature of his mission, but understood how the Militia Division fit into the whole of SAFE’s three Divisions ( 1. Militia 2. Propaganda/Information 3. Political ) and understood how we intend to achieve the SAFE Border Project’s three primary goals ( 1. No Open Borders/Amnesty Legislation Passed 2. A Military Solution To Secure The Southern Border 3. Mass Deportation).

Here is his opening statement:

I am Blackflag, National Commandant of the militia of Secure America Forever (SAFE). I have over 20 years of military service with several deployments to the Middle East, Central America, and the Balkans. Our mission is to assist in securing our southwestern border with Mexico against invasion by armed drug cartels that threaten the safety and security of the American people. We have been achieving this mission through recon and surveillance teams that can provide accurate intelligence on enemy movement to proper authorities. A sustained presence is necessary to gain victory. We are forming more teams for continuous operations on the border. Volunteers are needed that are mature, mentally agile, and physically tough. Personnel with SpecOps or combat experience are preferred.

I am also pleased to announce that I have appointed another veteran as SAFE’s Chief Intel Analyst, and another private citizen as SAFE’s Arizona Propaganda Chief. Their statements will be forthcoming.

We have been continuing our missions out in the field, and will have more to report on all shortly.

Onward to salvation!

The Snooper Report.
Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly