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Why Is Michael Behenna Still in Prison? 

This was at Do The Right Thing

From the Stand Up America USA Facebook Group

Oct 21 Written by: Diana West

This one stinks out loud. I am referring to the military trial of Army Ranger 1Lt. Michael Behanna of Oklahoma for the charge of murder of an Al Qaeda operative in Iraq in which military prosecutors withheld exculpatory evidence provided by the military prosecution's own expert witness from the defense team until after the trial wrapped up. As a likely result, Behanna, 25, was sentenced in March of this year to 25 years in prison for unpremeditated murder.

Bright spot: tireless parents (mother on team that convicted Timothy McVeigh, father former state investigator) and the entire Oklahoma Congressional Delegation, now pressing the clemency board for fair treatment. Details (petition, defense fund info, and news, including a recent, compelling LA Times two-part story on the case) at Defend Michael.

An aside: One of the many reasons I came to harbor animosity toward George W. Bush was for the way he, the commander-in-chief, let so many of the soldiers he sent into war twist in the vortex of political correctness and political appeasement. I can think of so many men President Bush turned his back on when they needed his support and, of course, pardons, and I know my list is incomplete: Col. Allen West, Lt. Ilario Pantano, the Haditha Marines, Sgt. Evan Vela, Larry Hutchins, Marine X, the Fallujah Marines, Capt. Roger Hill ... The Navy SEALS immortalized in Marcus Luttrell's book Lone Survivor belong on this list as well. Who can forget that one of the reasons the 4-man SEAL team, compromised deep in Taliban territory, didn't kill the Afghan man and boy who had discovered their hiding place, was fear of military prosecution at home?

End result? 19 Americans miliitary men dead in an epic wartime disaster. But there was no "crime" committed that day to prosecute, either -- and that's what counts in the shameful world of military justice. The SEALs feared the Taliban fighters who would ultimately overwhelm them shortly after they released the man and boy less than they feared a JAG team that would have thrown the book at them if they had lived through the mission. Looking at Michael Behenna's outrageous treatment, among the others, it's easy to see why.

This can't go on.



Congresswoman Fallin Questions 1LT Michael Behenna's Case

From the Cyber Crew!

This week at a hearing, Congresswoman Fallin questioned the Army's top lawyer on the floor of the House of Representatives concerning Michael's case (see video link below). Fallin has been an advocate of Michael all along and vigorously pursued the miscarriage of justice that occurred, but publicly questioning the Army about the fairness of the trial was a huge step.

We have been swarmed with letters and emails and petition comments as a result of Representative Fallin's inquiry. We are told that other Oklahoma Congressional Delegation members and others in the Congress and Senate are also working behind the scenes, but this is the Nationwide publicity that Michael's case deserves.

We ask that you pass on this email to others who would need to read and hear it. Have them visit Michael's web site DEFENDMICHAEL.COM to find more information. The National media has made inquiries and through your help this will bear fruit and we will force this issue to the top where the Army must act to correct this situation.


(press release)

Please continue to write letters of encouragement to Mike at Leavenworth, his web site, or on the petition (we copy these and sent them to him - he has no access to a computer)

(web site)  (petition)  (up to 3,900 - help us get to 5 digits)

(Leavenworth address)

Michael Behenna #87503

1300 Warehouse Road

Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas 66027

Thank you for your untiring support.


Scott & Vicki Behenna


Pray for Michael Behenna

Received in email:

We are finally at the stage that we have been building towards. The General has Michael's clemency packet and will be making his decision on Michael's future. We have no idea what he is thinking, but we do know all the time, effort, support, and prayers that have gone into getting him the inspiration and information he needs to make this decision. Please continue your prayers for General Stephen Townsend, so that he will have the wisdom, and guidance to understand how this case should proceed.

We will let you know the outcome as soon as we know.

Scott & Vicki



The Ballad of Behenna


An American Hero Deserves A New Trial

To: Senator Inhofe, Senator Coburn, Congresswoman Mary Fallin, U.S. Congress and US Secretary of Defense

Critical evidence was withheld by prosecutors during the trial of 1LT Michael Behenna. If you believe that soldiers who fight for our constitutional rights, the right to be considered innocent until proven guilty, the right to due process of law and the right to a fair trial, we ask you to sign this petition requesting a new trial. During 1LT Behenna's trial the government withheld evidence that their own forensic expert told them that in his opinion "the only logical explanation" for the shooting was consistent with the defense theory that the Al Qaeda terrorist was standing with his arms outstretched when the first shot was fired and not sitting on a rock as argued by the prosecutors. We believe that the prosecutors had a constitutional obligation to provide this evidence to the defense lawyers and the jury had the right to hear all the evidence before deliberating on the guilt or innocence of this soldier. Please help us obtain justice for this American Hero.


The Undersigned


The above is a petition all that are True American Patriots must and will sign and support.  I am sure a fair share of the alleged patriots, aka Anti-Americanist thugs, moonbats alike will perform their usual idiocy but, that is to be expected and quite the norm.

What happened here is a travesty of justice and a direct result of the JAG Corps more interested in career goal driven libtards that have infiltrated the ranks of the United States Military and will go to any length at their disposal to screw over the True American Heros because they themselves are the cowards we know them to be.

Lt Michael Behenna is a man crucified for doing his duty - crucified for doing his job protecting every one of us all safe and sound at home because of men like Lt Behenna.

Shame on the JAG unit that perpetrated this crime.  Oh.  Have I stated before that I despise, hate, NAY!, loathe the JAG Corps?  If not, consider yourself informed.

Petition link

I was signature 594

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