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Democrats invented racism and democrats HATE all blacks

The DEMOCRATS (forerunners to the marxist-sociopaths of today) started "racism", utilizing their own terminology, and started the KKK to demand that the black Americans voted for the DEMOCRATS and quit the Republican Party.

The democrats now the modern day marxist-sociopaths cannot admit that is is they that started the racism that they are all guilty of as they blame all others for that which they do.  Amazing, isn't it?

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Reader Comments (2)

The blacks started the hate, look at Rangel,, harold wasington,ray nagin,kwane kilpatrick, marion barry, sheila dixon harold ford, larry langford,alcee hastings

April 7, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterjambordo

the klan was founded in pulaski tn by 2 ex confderate soldiers who were board, their was no tv , no movies no football game,social clubs like the KKK were popular all over tthe USA, in 1866 the whole south was destitute , poor & starvin from the war, the South was occupied by the US Army under military law, Tenneessee had it worst of most of the confererate states, Pres. Johnston appointed a mr brownlow as military Gov. of Tenneessee, Brownlow had been a newspaper publisher, in Knoxville Tn during the war and very pro north, everytime the Confederate Army marched thru Knoxville Tn they burned his newspaper to the ground, brownlow was, angry mean an a tyrant,, he along with all the carpet baggers traitors, saliwags were raping the south, both black & white, the KKK along with other less known groups, be came like neigborhood watch groups tryin to protect their famlies & property, when brownlows term was up things got better & Gen Bedford Forrest, the Grand Dracon wrote a Order disbanding the KKK. only to come back many many years later to turn into what they are now, most of us don't agree with'em but they have as much right to exist as the NAACP

April 7, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterjambordo

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