Read This and Curse
Mon, January 26, 2009 at 14:46
Benjamin Powell in Cultural Jihad, Cultural Jihad, Exposing Islam in blog and forum posts, Islam Sucks

Damnation be upon the corrupt cretins who set this SandMaggot free! No terrorist should ever be incarcerated and released; all should be ushered into Hell.

The article details the evil activities of a terrorist who planted three bombs in N.Y.C.; how long and difficult was the effort to capture him, and the other bombs he planted. Now he is about to be released after serving half his sentence. There is no doubt that he will resume making and planting bombs.

I am disgusted. I am about to express my disgust to President Obama, my Representative & Senators.  I urge you to go to the web site of and follow suit. Once is enough!!!

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