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Durban II Treachery

Durban II Alert

Durban II Cover-up from the Obama Administration:

American Silence in the Face of More Anti-Israel and Anti-Jewish Venom at the Latest Durban II Preparations

If the Obama administration does not immediately announce that its foray into the morass of Durban II has led it to decide this is no place for genuine believers in human rights and freedoms, there is only one conclusion possible. His foreign policy of engagement amounts to a new willingness to sacrifice Israel and an indeterminate number of American values for the sake of a warm welcome from the enemies of freedom.

Now that you have read the concluding paragraph of the report, click the title above and read all of  Anne Bayefsky’s very informative revelation the Obama Administration’s treachery.

Eye on the UN’s Durban Watch: has all the information you need to come to an accurate assessment of Durban I and Durban II.

The OIC’s Hellbent determination to single out Israel for undeserved condemnation is not acceptable under any circumstances. Whether they condemn one or two or a dozen  real or imagined offenders,  the fact remains: Israel is being unjustly targeted for defending herself against genocidal Islamic aggression.

The language condemning and demanding criminalization of criticism of Islam is absolutely unacceptable.  The right of free expression protects truthful speech and must do so in every case, regardless of the target of criticism, otherwise it would be of no use whatsoever.  The OIC, UN  & EU bitching & caterwauling over Fitna and Geert Wilder’s parliamentary speeches & interviews is a vital example of this supremely important issue. “reservations” & “concerns” do not cut the mustard.  This issue requires flaming hot rhetoric including the most profoundly profane execrations.  This case demands cursing, not milk toast diplomacy.  Anything less is treasonous surrender to the sworn enemy of life & liberty.

Islam is a War Cult, not a race nor is it a “religion of peace”. Vociferous objection to imperialistic conquest, genocide & terrorism is not racism nor is it incitement to violence. The Qur’an, hadith & Shari’ah are racism, supremacism, triumphalism & incitement to genocidal violence.

There is no possibility that justice will prevail in the Durban II process. There is no reason for us to be involved in it in any way, including paying for it. Please tell President Obama, your Representative & Senators to pull out of the Durban II Preparation Process, boycott the Conference and Quit the U.N..

For detailed documentation of my objections to the OIC demands, refer to these related blog posts:
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