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My Letter To My Representatives

Senator John Cornyn
Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison
Congressman Sam Johnson

You have been staunch supporters of our military and the Global War On Terror. For that, I thank you but I would appreciate it if you would relay a message to the very few Conservatives that remain in the very Dishonorable Halls of what was once an Honorable Congress.

There was a time when the Representatives and Senators actually cared about what their constituents in their respective districts cared about. Not any longer. They care more about deals between each other in order to garner support for their pet projects whatever and where ever they may be. They care more about the "squeaking wheel" and take that noise as the thought of the day.

There was a time when True American Patriotism reigned supreme. Not any longer. Patriotism has been swept aside by the cancer of Political Correctness. Patriotism has been buried by the sclerosis of Multiculturalism. Patriotism has been nullified by the mental disorder of Identity Politics. Patriotism has been crucified at the altar of Diversity.

There was a time when God, Country and Flag were the rallying calls. Not any longer. Surely the dead from wars past are churning in their resting places. Sometimes I often wonder why I bothered to serve my nation if all that is to come of it is to watch politicians hang us out to dry and give the country away to those that are undeserving of it.

There was once a time when the political leaders of this land actually justified their legislation by the United States Constitution. Not any longer. Now, legislation is based on emotions and wrangling of votes to remain in power no matter the consequences, long or short term.

There was a time when political leaders considered the ramifications of legislation using the long-term results and forward thinking. Not any longer. Now, everything in DC is done on the fly and most members think short-term to collect votes in the next election cycle. This is a sad state of affairs. It is also damaging to our nation and as caused damage beyond comprehension.

As you know, back in 1963, the following was read into the Congressional Record: Communist Goals (1963) read into the Congressional Record--Appendix, pp. A34-A35 January 10, 1963; Current Communist Goals, EXTENSION OF REMARKS OF HON. A. S. HERLONG, JR. OF FLORIDA IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES; Thursday, January 10, 1963. I call it The List of 45.

Through the years hence, there have been scores of legislation passed that has zero foundation in the United States Constitution...Socialist Security which was robbed blind by the way, Welfare, Unemployment Insurance (one of the biggest jokes in my life-time), Abortion, Medicaid, Medicare, Prescription Drugs for the Elderly..and scores more. All of them are noble but the Federal Government should not be playing the controlling role nor the implementation of such programs. FDR started that socialist ball rolling and LBJ set it afire once more during his disastrous role as President.

The Federal Government has allowed the Judiciary run amok when by our Constitution, the Congress dictates to the court that which they will "review". The Federal Government has usurped the authority of the States time and time again, via the Judiciary. The Judiciary has dictated to the various States that their State Laws that their Legislators enacted as unconstitutional by an authority of which they do not possess. Why is that?

We are at a crossroads in this nation. Do we go or do we stay? Is the nation going by the way of Stalin, Lenin or Khrushchev? Will the political leaders of this nation allow the Stalinists take us from within or are we going to fight? In case you haven't noticed, the Jihadists are utilizing the same List of 45. CAIR proponents and leaders have stated that they will take the United States not by force but by re-education.

We have Jihadist Compounds throughout the United States teaching Jihad...Islamberg being one of them. Are you not paying attention or is it the fact that it isn't politically correct to identify the enemy? The only "radical Muslim" is the Muslim that doesn't practice Islam. The enemy we are fighting at this very moment and have been fighting since the early 1970s are practicing their religion and their religion teaches murder, rape and slavery. The Jihadists declared war on the United States years ago but no one was listening except those of us that were in battle...I find that unacceptable and perplexing all at the same time.

If you recall, Jihadists in this nation advocate the overthrow of this nation and have stated in the public domain that they will use our Constitution against us. Where have we heard this before? Are you paying attention or is the next voting cycle more important to you...personally.

Just once, I would like to hear of a politician actually demand of other politicians what the basis of their proposed legislation gets its Constitutional Authority. Just once I would like to see the proponents of Earmark and Pork Spending impeached for raping the American People. Just once I would like to see and hear politicians go out on a limb and drive the point home that this war - that we did not start - is a matter of our survival as a nation.

There are many parallels between the socialist/communist doctrine and Islamic Fascism doctrine and the Leftinistra - the armies of the socialist liberal - are great at passing that same doctrine off onto Conservatives. Just once I would like to have a Conservative politician call them on their garbage...if any had any moral courage and moral fortitude to do so.

Every single "liberal" piece of legislation has ended in dismal failure yet they do not call for redeployment. The War On Poverty has what? Failed? Yes, it has. The War On Drugs has what? Failed? Yes it has. There are many more such "liberal" failures yet we keep watching the Conservatives all in the name of detente with the socialist liberal back down and let them waltz all over them. Ronald Wilson Reagan must be sorely ashamed of those he entrusted with his legacy. I am. And I find it disheartening to say the least.

We watch as anti-Americanist organizations such as Code Pink finance our enemies to the tune of over $600,000. And this goes unchallenged because why? I call it cowardice. What do you call it? We watch former Presidents trash this country to our enemies and befriend our enemies and this goes unchallenged why? I call it cowardice.

I watch and listen to the current crop of DNC Presidential Aspirants trash this nation in public forums all in the name of what? Political gain? Political football? And they go unchallenged because why? Conservatives don't want to make waves why? No matter the answer you may get, I call it cowardice. They fear the media. They fear "bad press". I fear for my nation. I fear blood in the streets. The enemy is hear amongst us and the politicians play football with our lives and our nation all in the name of political gain and power. This is a travesty second to none and is quite unacceptable.

Perhaps, one day, we will have an Honorable Congress once more. Hopefully, it will be in my lifetime.

I have a son that has recently returned from serving in Iraq and I had another that was going to serve until he started paying attention to the "idiots in the media" and the "morons in DC". Those were his words. He said that he is going to be needed back here Stateside with the Jihad hits the fan here at home. And, it will if our Dishonorable Congress maintains the current track it is on.

When the cowards in DC allow the Leftinistra to run amok, I question their motives and Patriotism. I often wonder what it is they are patriotic towards and to whom or what they swear their allegiance. It certainly is not We The People.

There is "Two Americas" and we hear the Leftinistra prattle and yammer about uniting the country. But, who wants to unite under the banner of the United Socialist States of America? I shall not. I swore an Oath many moons ago to protect and serve this nation and to fight the enemy, both foreign and domestic. It would be nice if our Congress would do the same.

It is time to fight the Enemy Within and to declare that enemy a Clear and Present Danger.

Weekly Standard is almost on the same page...and Politico...

This right here is exactly what I am talking about...2 places at and here.

The idiot that is Obama criticized President Bush for criticizing Iran. What a FOOLISH imp Barack Dumbo Ears Obammy is. Jerk.

More shining examples are at Hot Air, Rodents and Asswipes, An Idiot With a Gun?,

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