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Cultural Jihad: Condoleeza Rice Is Unworthy To Breath American Air

Back in May 2008 on the 22nd of that month, I penned an article which was published at A Newt One which no longer exists.  I am republishing that piece here now so I have it at my disposal at this new location called The Snooper report.

This takes the cake, folks. I haven't written on this because, knowing what I know, having been there and done that, the developments in Lebanon is tantamount to surrender and this pisses me off. I should also point out the obvious to the oblivious that the United States State Department runs the United States Government and all other political figures are mere cogs in the machinations of pure stupidity. I used to think well of Condi and have grown to think, "Oh well." Condi is now classified as a Clear and Present Danger and should be run out of town on a rail, complete with tar and feathers. That would include every Wimplomat now currently receiving tax dollars as payment to screw this nation and every ally we have. The State Department needs to be dismantled and all those that support the State Department need to be strung up.

I have always looked upon Wimplomats as third rate runts in the greater scheme of things because all Wimplomats do is screw things up so poorly, they create environments in which wars are fomented. All Diplomacy does is delay the inevitable anyway. I have yet had anyone give me a viable example of Diplomacy averting any war, any place at any time.

In recent days, Hizballah elements have secured their place in a controlling arena of the government of Lebanon, a theoretical friend of the United States. From all of the crap I have seen in this country from as far back as I can remember, it is a wonder that I can think anymore at all. Condi Traitor Rice should resign in disgrace forthwith...she disgusts me. If this development in Lebanon via the Iranian backed Hizballah is a good thing, I now fully understand why she does what she does to Israel. Apparently, as displayed by her actions in favor of HAMAS and the alleged Palestinians, she joins the rank and file of Jimmy Carter in their utter hatred of Israel and goddamn them all to hell for it.

Ever since I learned of this travesty in Lebanon and having witnessed the inaction of the United States after hearing the pleas of the Lebanese government for help with no response from their "friend", I smelled many dead rats. And then, today, I read some blog posts and news articles and this was discussed on the JPA BTR show earlier this evening. I was going to write about this sooner but the Warriors Blood was too isn't much cooler at this juncture.

From Power Line:

Yesterday the government of Lebanon surrendered to Hezbollah, agreeing to all of Hezbollah's key demands. A good Wall Street Journal story provides some background. At the Couterterrorism Blog Andrew Cochran speculates on the meaning of the agreement. In a statement, Secretary Rice called the agreement "a positive step toward resolving the current crisis." Her assessment reflects poorly on her candor and aggravates the failure of American policy.

The links therein will take you to a scant few articles and there are a wealth of others out there. In those links, you will find these words from the very dishonorable Condi I Am An Idiot Rice:

In a statement, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice called the agreement "a positive step toward resolving the current crisis."

"We call upon all Lebanese leaders to implement this agreement in its entirety," she said.

As President Bush warns the leaders of Lebanon against "making a deal" with the Iranians, Condi does this. Absolutely unacceptable. Who in the hell does she and her kind think they are? Since when does the State Department make policy?

Andrew Cochran writes at the Counterterrorism blog:

Today is a day which we should mark on the calendar and remember for a long time. For on this day, it became abundantly clear that the Iranian-Syrian axis now controls Lebanon through Hezbollah, and Al Qaeda and the Taliban now control the Northwest provinces in Pakistan (see ABC News and the AP story). Both groups of terrorists won through sustained asymmetric (and, in Lebanon, conventional) warfare which eventually collapsed the will of the opposition, which was not supported in any material way by the United States and other nations. I want to concentrate on the events in Lebanon in this post. [...]

Yes. By all means. Mark this day down as another in a long list of Days of Infamy.

Perhaps this development is the explanation as to why Israel and Syria are suddenly in open peace talks...I can only surmise that Israel has come to the realization that the United States can no longer fulfill her promise to Israel. Therefore, Israel should expel all United States enemies within the US Flake Department within her borders, tell Condi to go to hell and do what she needs to do to survive.

So, seeing that Condi and her minions of wimps of the Wimplomat Corps seem to think that surrendering to Hizballah is a "good step", perhaps it is a "good step" to go ahead and let the socialists take the Nation over and all will be OK seeing that the political bickering will vanish. Unbelievable. And then, when the Sword of Allah is at their panzy-assed throats, I will at least be around to laugh at them as their heads are severed from their worthless necks...for I shall not help them...I will be busy fighting ANOTHER goddamn war they started.

Other reads required: WSJ, Chicago Tribune...

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