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God, Oil, and Marxism

The following article is a reprint from American Daily Review where Mark Harvey is a contributor and Deputy Editor. The article was written by John Barnhart, the Executive Editor of American Daily Review and first appeared on "Barnhart Blog."

The article gained wide attention when it was picked up by several news  wires, made some rounds via chain emails that blossomed afterwards and ended up on several national and international websites. It was originally published on June 27, 2008 but there are many truths within it and that is why it is being republished again here.

If you have wondered why gas prices are getting ever higher and why oil passed the $142.00 a barrel mark today, the answer goes much deeper than you likely realize.

It is not just about oil drilling, oil futures speculation, gas supplies, big government or big oil. Liberals have prevented more exploration, more drilling and cut back the energy leases available to energy companies over the last 30 years while promising everyone a cost effective alternative energy solution that never comes. Why?

Because the liberal hacks and back-benchers in congress associate every fossil fuel energy project with an effort to save some new speckled cockroach that the environmentalists target as an excuse to save the planet and prevent the search for and use of fossil fuels. If you don't believe it then ask yourself why Nancy Pelosi announced last year the creation of the "Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming." The two issues have nothing to do with one another minus the potential for accidental pollution but liberal environmentalists believe they do. Why?

Because most of the radical environmentalists don't believe that there is a God who ever gave humans the authority to name and use every plant, animal and thing responsibly for our physical needs and happiness.

According to the beliefs of each of the three great monotheistic religions in the world, Jews, Muslims and Christians, God gave us dominion over everything on the earth. He gave us the moral authority to use the earth for food, water, clothing, shelter etc. Jews, Muslims and Christians all agree on that point, not to mention a large majority of the other multiple-deity religions and each of them believes in using the earth in a conservationist manner according to God's word and the words of their respective prophets.

That is why radical leftists prefer to be called environmentalists and not conservationists.

For them environmentalism replaces a belief in a higher power and a higher authority than themselves. Conservation implies that a greater authority exists for humans to answer to for our actions. Environmentalists believe only in themselves and "mother nature", no God, no deity, no controlling legal or moral authority.

Radical environmentalists would prefer to keep their focus on anything other than human moral authority from God, that is so they can keep their eyes closed to the concept of creationism and intelligent design. If they ever had to admit that humans have a God given right to use the earth like conservationists do, they would also have to answer for their other radically liberal beliefs like their constant persecution of those of us who believe in God and our belief in living a generally compassionate, morally responsible and faithful life.

Compounding the problem is the opportunistic and selfish greed of oil executives, speculators and politicians who are in it for the accolades and the money while the rest of human kind suffer under heavy taxes for energy. While we are suffering they act like a bunch of robber barons and blame each other for the problem keeping the common middle-class at war with one another over who to blame.

Still don't believe me?

Then follow the money. According to reports from the IRS and the US Tax Foundation from 1977 to 2004 US oil companies received profits of $630 Billion dollars, they paid costs of $518 Billion dollars while our own US government took in $1.34 trillion dollars in taxes from it, for what?

The US government fat cats make sweetheart deals with their lobbyist cronies, they get big business deals and junkets while in office and after. Why is the federal government excessively taxing the oil companies while artificially raising the price on the midddle-class; they don't find the oil, they don't drill it, ship it, refine it, market it or distribute it. They have all ridden a huge gravy train for years and they just want it to continue so they use the weirdo environmentalist agenda to keep it going as long as they can.

Still don't believe me?

Then ask yourself one final question....if I am not correct, why is congress not doing something about the price of oil and striving to make us energy independent instead of letting the middle-class suffer; it's because they don't believe they will ever have to answer for their greed, triangulation, deception and misdirection.

The moral majority and religious conservatives in America who are trying to decide whether or not to sit this election out because they don't like either candidate need to wake up and smell the coffee. They need to realize that the Marxists, the radical left, the environmental socialists and the greedy robber barons all believe there is no moral authority; no one will punish them for what they are doing to demonize and marginalize believers and religious conservationists. In short, the Marxists, the radical liberal left, the environmentalist socialists, and the greedy robber barons live their lives and act as if God is dead and they have no one to answer to.

If the reality of that fact does not slap my fellow conservative Americans in the face and wake them up, nothing will. It is time for believers of all faiths to find common ground, to put on the full armor of God, get into the fray and stop sitting idle on the sidelines. We cannot afford to allow the Marxists, the radical left, the environmental socialists and the greedy robber barons to continue the destruction of this country by exercising policies that by their very nature are apathetic towards the legal and moral authority that exists over them.

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