Everything I Have Written On The √úbermessias Obama
Sat, January 24, 2009 at 13:18
Mark "Snooper" Harvey in Barack, Barack Hussein Obama, Barack Hussein Obama, Barack Obama, Obama, Ubermessias

Up unto this point, I have written many posts and articles on our now First Czar, Barack Hussein Obama.  This posting will be the links to them all with the remaining yet to be written carried on the front pages and archives of The Snooper Report.  I think it will make it easier for my readers and visitors and critics to access the pieces.

Currently, the majority of them are located in the “Blogger Archive” section here at The Snooper Report.  In some sections, there will be repeat posts but that cannot be helped due to the way I catalogued the posts at the old blogger location.  So, without further ado:

Entries in Czarbama - Entries in Czarbie CNSF - Entries in Czarbie Friends - Entries In Czarbie GangsEntries in Czarbie the Incompetent - Entries in Czarbie Thugs - Entries in Czarbie World Tour - Entries in Barackometer - Entries in Obama - Entries in Obama - Ayers - Obama-and-Friends - Entries in Obama and Islam - Entries in Obama Cabinet - Entries in Obama Civilian Army - Entries in Obama Coronation - Entries in Obama Economy Plan - Entries in Obama Girl Friend - Entries in Obama Holiday - Entries in Obama Implosion - Entries in Obama Liar - Entries in Obama Lies - Entries in Obama Marxist - Entries in Obama News - Entries in Obama Resume - Entries in Obama Thugocracy - Entries in Obama Youth - Entries in Obama’s Insufficient Funds - Entries in Obamabots - Entries in Obamanations - Entries in Obamatards - Entries in Obamination - Entries in Obamunists -

All other entries on the front page of The Snooper Report will be under the tag-line of Barack Hussein Obama not because I call him that but because he was sworn in as that.  It was very convenient of him.  I guess we were going to call him that anyway.

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