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Iraq: Free Elections Thanks To Our Troops and President Bush

Once more, thanks to the efforts and sacrifices of our Troops and their families, the people of Iraq have returned to the voting booths and cast a vote.  Security was indeed tight and there were a few "minor" incidences but all in all, the polls have now closed several hours ago and Free Iraq remains free.

Thank you to our Troops and their leadership.  To the chagrin of the American Leftinistra the Mission in Iraq has been a success.  They tried to lose this war 45 times since just before the Surge and in the months following.  They failed and Iraq succeeded.  Here's mud in your "girded loins".  Adding salt and vinegar to their wounds, their beloved UN has even declared an American VICTORY in Iraq.

From Amy Proctor:

[...] the Iraq forces were in the lead, securing the polling places and carrying out operations alone

    * not ONE attack disrupted voting
    * there were 14,000 candidates
    * there were 4,000 female candidates
    * there are 500 political parties in Iraq
    * Iraqis are excited about the democratic process

This incredible historic day is a testament to what George W. Bush promoted as a matter of foreign policy. That is, that all human beings deserve and desire freedom. [...]

An earlier report from One News Now is here.

Marxist Obama can only dream of having such a legacy as a Free Iraq.

And, you can quote me: "The Pathology of A Defeatist is as follows: I believe what I believe no matter the evidence to the contrary. I cannot accept that I might be wrong on any issue because if I admit to being wrong on any issue, I will be seen as untrustworthy. Therefore, I can never be wrong; therefore, I never am wrong, no matter what."  This goes hand-in-hand with the Quinn's First Law: "Liberalism always generates the exact opposite of its stated intent.".

Know this - one cannot discern the differences between the Haji scum and American Democrat Party leadership.  Just look who Marxist Obama is chumming up to and review the response from the little man of Iran.

Victory In Iraq ...

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