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Democrats party of Racism
Racism of the Democrat Party
Herman Cain - The DNC has BRAINWASHED most of the Blacks of this Nation
Racism - the Nemesis of the Democrat Party
Democrats invented racism and democrats HATE all blacks
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Callin’ All the Clans Together
Sick and tired - marching towards the Constitution of the United States
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We. Are. Finished. With. DC. - Addendum Part 1

Civility: The Leftinistra Own None Of It
Civility: The Leftinistra Own None Of It Part 2(?)
Civility: Leftinistra Own None Part Three
Obama, Civility and The Clansmen of Dumb
Brain Dead Leftinistra: Their Stoic Civility
Libtards Have No Class - Civility Escapes Their Brain Deadness
The States Will Be the Next Battlefield in the Fight Over ObamaCare
War Is Coming: Blood On Our Own Streets - Thanks Democrats
Civil War…
We Are In The Midst of Chaos and Civil War
Live Free Or Die
Live Free Or Die Trying
State’s Sovereignty or Live Free Or Die
Live Free Or Die - The Movement Marches On
The Country Surrounds The City

When They Came
Is The Left Still “Proud To Be a Left-Wing Extremist”?
Be It Known - Attention Unconstitutional Congress
Obama: One Big Ass Mistake America
Do Birthers Rock and Roll or Stop and Drool?
Good vs Evil…It Is Your Choice
I Apologize For My Nation
Obama’s Civilian National Security Forces (CNSF)
Obama’s Brown Shirts - Civilian National Security Forces
What Is It About The American Liberal?
The Plan To Destroy America
Another Soldier Has Been Given the Haditha Treatment!
Callin’ All The Clans Together
Callin’ All The Clans Together Show
A History of the List of 45
Constitutionality: The Movement
Vindication: Iraq’s Saddam and Al Qaeda Links Revealed
Redefining The Center or the Moderate
The HIC (Hoax In Charge) Going To Copenhagen
We Didn’t Start This Goddamn War!

Copy Cat Frauds of the IAVA

Contract With America
Snooper’s Declaration of Independence
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Contract From America

Timothy McVeigh
Thoughts To Ponder and Reflect Upon
Snooper Report Vindication: Al Qaeda, TWA Flight 800 and OKC Bombing
Clinton alludes to 1995 bombing, says words matter

Missing 13th Amendment
TITLES OF “NOBILITY” AND “HONOR” - The Missing 13th Amendment

The Coup
Military Coup Against Obama

The United States Constitution
Our founding document wasn’t set in stone for a reason

Deepwater Horizon
Did Hugo Chavez Sink the Deepwater Horizon Oil Platform?

The New Right

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Global Warming Myth, Nobel Peace Prize Myth and the Terrorists Facts

Amy Proctor: Vatican, Like Hamas, Congratulates Obama on Nobel Peace Prize

What nowadays does the Vatican consider ‘peace’?  Does the Holy See no nothing of Barack Obama’s record on abortion or does it simply not care that his policy opposes most major Catholic moral matters?

The Church is making it harder and harder to remain Catholic. [...]


Dan Riehl: Taliban Making Big Push In Pakistan?

[...] Given several recent high profile attacks, this could be the Taliban's big push to destabilize Pakistan, a nuclear power. The Pakistan Army is said to have been preparing an operation to root out Taliban forces along the border as it seems to be their only choice. [...]

The Taliban.  America's latest heroes.

Donald Douglas: Abu Askar, Knife-Wielding Al Qaeda Barbarian, Vows Victory for Islam in Afghanistan (VIDEO)

Pretty fellow this terrorist thug of Obama's buddies.

Pretty lad from The Sun in the UK: Head hunter

AN al-Qaeda fanatic brandishes a giant razor-sharp blade in a pose intended to scare British and US troops in Afghanistan.

The knife is too cumbersome to use in battle - but could behead or dismember any hostage his terror group grabs.

The insurgent, also seen sitting with an AK47 rifle, belongs to one of Osama Bin Laden's "foreign legions" fighting in Afghanistan.

He appears in a new terror video posted online and vows to use the huge blade to achieve a victory for Islam.

The bearded thug was identified as "Abu Askar the German".

Last night a military source warned: "If anyone needed reminding, this is the face of the enemy." [...]

One of Obama's butt buddies here.

MacRanger: What They Said - "Let's Get Obama the Peace Prize before he Screws it up!"

[...] "Horbjørn Jagland, the committee chairman, made clear that this year’s prize fell in that category. “If you look at the history of the Peace Prize, we have on many occasions given it to try to enhance what many personalities were trying to do,” he said. “It could be too late to respond three years from now." [...]

Obama.  Asshat.

Gateway Pundit: The Accolades Keep Coming In... Castro Praises Obama's Nobel Prize

If all else fails Barack Obama knows he can always count on Marxist killer Fidel Castro to have his back. [...]


Gateway Pundit: ABC Kooks: Al-Qaeda & Taliban Helped By Global Warming (Video Link)

This comes on the same day that the BBC admitted that Earth reached its peak temperature ten years ago.

ABC propagandists are pushing the theory that Al-Qaeda and the Taliban are helped by manmade global warming. [...]

The Global Warming Myth helps the terrorists.  Sometimes I just have to wonder.  Wonder at what I am not so sure these days but I am wondering something.  I just cannot say at the moment exactly what I am wondering.

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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