Civility: The Leftinistra Own None Of It
Mon, October 12, 2009 at 9:42
Mark "Snooper" Harvey in Civility, Moonbat Slaying, The Leftinistra Do Not Own Civility

In a previous post I made mention of Michelle Malkin's WaPo Page A1 breaking news: Conservatives are horrible ogres, Part 99,999.  Yes, she spelled out the INCIVILITY of the majority of the Leftinistra across the board.  However, Gateway Pundit has one excellent post on this topic as well.

Gateway Pundit: WaPo Asks Who Keeps a Civil Tongue? ...Answer: Conservatives By an 18:1 Margin

Go read Gateway's post.  Also see WaPos extravagant and libtard-filled diatribe.

WaPo: In Today's Viral World, Who Keeps a Civil Tongue?

However, there is a problem.  Go to WaPo's site and see if it looks like this...

I blew the picture up just a tad so you can see who is who and what they "sort of" said.

Did you notice the change?

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