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Nervous Communist Thug: Limbaugh WILL Find You

Here's the Rush audio:

Apparently, El Rushbo will be suing the snot out of someone!

El Rushbo: State-Run Media Scum Smear Rush Using Fabricated Quotes

RUSH: Folks, also, I don't know what to do today.  I really don't know what to do.  The audio sound bite roster is, again, 95% about me.  The reason for my indecision here is that -- well, I've talked to you about this before.  People lob attacks at you and when you respond to them they think, a-ha, we've hit home runs here.  There's so many outrageous, fabricated lies.  There is a genuine full-fledged smear campaign being orchestrated by liberal sportswriters and picked up by other liberals in the State-Controlled Media that it's breathtaking.  I'm used to being taken out of context, but we have sourced it, we have found where it was found, these fake, totally made up quotes attributed to me which are being repeated without any fact-checking at all by liberal sportswriters.  The interesting thing about this to me is I think back to Tom Brokaw and Tom Friedman saying, "Oh, the Internet is a sewer.  They need us, professional journalists with filters.  The Internet is a sewer out there, you can read anything, people believe everything that's out there, Tom, and, yes, our professionalism, we're highly trained professionals, and only we have the ability to filter the stench that is the sewer of the Internet." 

All right, fine.  Only professional journalists have the ability to wander through the sewer and figure out what's valid and what isn't.  So a bunch of professional journalists are believing everything in the sewer, they're not checking it at all, they're not fact-checking, they are embarrassing themselves, and the sound bite roster today is largely about this.  I'm in a dilemma here over whether to waste valuable broadcast time talking about some of this.  So I'm going to mix the two.  We will mix the two as we always do, but I just want to warn you.  As you people know, I'm very uncomfortable using this program to talk about myself.  I've run a test, I take an average 45-minute segment of this show and compare the number of times I use the word "I" compared to the number of times Obama uses the word "I" in an average 45 minute speech and it's no contest.  I mean I'm a piker compared to the personal pronoun usage of President Obama. [...]

Here's where the racist sludge is coming from and Jarvis Tyner will be running away soon enough.

So, when CPUSA talks all mean and the like, do we ignore them or paint them silly colors?  I suppose we should ask Czarboe.

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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Reader Comments (2)

Odd that the CPUSA is weighing in on political issues so heavily these days (that's sarcasm, btw). I recall posting once or twice, back during the Clinton presidency, that the communists were all for Bill and Hillary and were, in fact, supporting the Democrats every step of the way. I remember I was laughed at, ridiculed and told in no uncertain terms that "communism was dead". Yeah. Right!

I didn't believe it then because I knew better, and the fact that they (those on the left) lied is blatantly obvious now. It is, after all, what leftists (communists) do. They L I E.

What the idiots on the left and at CPUSA don't realize is, they have approximately half (or more) of Americans against them and their leftist agenda. Every time they come out publicly against anyone on the right, like Rush, Glenn Beck, etc., they just drive that many "more" Americans towards supporting whoever they are attacking. Keep up the good work, CPUSA. Organizations like you are your own worst enemy (something I really love about you).

October 13, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterTexGal

Glad you're on this side of the fence TexGal!

October 13, 2009 | Registered CommenterMark "Snooper" Harvey
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