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Lindsey Graham's Costly Collegiality

See this post: Lindsey Graham Is A Democrat In Drag

The IDIOT is going along with Cap and Tax and everyone that knows what in the world is going on knows that the global warming myth is in fact a world-wide myth.  Even the BBC knows this.

BBC: What happened to global warming?

We TRUE conservatives have known this for many years but the Graham's do not keep up with real-time news.  He keeps it in his back pocket.

This headline may come as a bit of a surprise, so too might that fact that the warmest year recorded globally was not in 2008 or 2007, but in 1998. [...]


The Washington Examiner evaluates the disgrace that is Lindsey Graham: Lindsey Graham's costly collegiality

I noticed one time at Vets For Freedom that the buffoon was a true buffoon and shortly thereafter he "bailed" from the program because Vets For Freedom was anti-Obama.  They had to be and Lindsey didn't like it.  It was too political.  Idiot.

Periodically, a Republican senator is seized with desire to be the front man for the Democrats' latest regulatory monstrosity in Washington. Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina is now in the throes of this pathological urge, which usually appears just when defeat seems imminent for a big-government scheme like the Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade energy bill. Democrats and their liberal buddies in the mainstream media need only whisper the magic word "bipartisanship" and soon enough along comes a gullible GOPer to take the bait.

Graham made clear in a Sunday New York Times op-ed written with Sen. John Kerry, D-MA, that he will support cap-and-trade if Democrats agree to expand nuclear power and off-shore oil and natural gas development. Kerry is the Senate point man in the Democrats' campaign to pass a Senate version of the 1,400-plus page Waxman-Markey bill approved earlier this year by the House. Graham's approach sounds like a reasonable "let's just split the difference" compromise. The problem is that no matter what Kerry and the Democrats agree to now in order to sucker Graham and similarly na?ve Republicans, environmental activists and sympathetic federal bureaucrats will file endless legal and administrative challenges to stall and ultimately veto more nuclear power production or development of America's bountiful off-shore energy supplies. Meanwhile, the Democrats' cap-and-trade bill will almost immediately begin inflicting devastating economic consequences that will be with us for decades.

Here's why: The U.S. economy depends on carbon-based fuels, which account for 85 percent of the energy we use. That won't change anytime soon, no matter how many billions of tax dollars Congress and President Obama spend on alternative energy development. Cap-and-trade establishes a $700 billion government-run "market" for business to buy and sell a steadily declining number of permits for creating carbon emissions. Confusing? Imagine a steadily tightening choke-hold on your windpipe and you've got what cap-and-trade will do to America's economy. [...]

Lindsey Graham.  ASSHAT and a in drag.

So, now, Lindsey is all "political" with Al Gore's violent global warming climate change deteriorating atmosphere myth.  Amazing.

Gateway Pundit: Glenn Beck Skewers RINO Lindsey "Cap-&-Tax" Graham

Here's the video

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