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News On Afghanistan and the Problems Behind the Obama Disadministration

This is about time: Editor and Publisher: Photos of Military Deaths in Afghanistan Banned

It seems that the last national embarrassment has gone noticed by the morons in the military.

Their isn't much at the article except a lot of bashing and propoganda  but they do mention that Obama says the press can take pictures at Dover if the families give their consent and we all know what that means, right?

There's more at Memeorandum...

David Ignatius wrote another article about Afghanistan but evidently the title changed.  At first the title was, at Memeorandum, President Obama's Crucial Afghanistan Decision and is now called Careful to a Fault on Afghanistan.

Afghanistan could be the most important decision of Barack Obama's presidency. Maybe that's why he is, in effect, making it twice. [...]

It's more like four times but that's just me, I think.  At times I am just wondering what Obama is thinking but then I think, he has no organizing was never this much fun(?).

[...] What's odd about the administration's review of Afghanistan policy is that it is revisiting issues that were analyzed in great detail -- and seemingly resolved -- in the president's March 27 announcement of a new strategy for Afghanistan and Pakistan. The recent recommendations from Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal were intended to implement that "Af-Pak" strategy -- not send the debate back to first principles.

The March document stated that the basic goal was "to prevent Afghanistan from becoming the al-Qaeda safe haven that it was before

9/11." But to accomplish this limited mission, the president endorsed a much broader effort to "reverse the Taliban's gains, and promote a more capable and accountable Afghan government." That gap between end and means has bedeviled the policy ever since.

So now the president is doing it again, slowly and carefully -- as in last Friday's three-hour White House meeting, where, I'm told, he went around the table and quizzed his national security aides one by one. [...]

He has no idea.  He is the alleged CIC and the decision is his to make and not soome haphazard idiot clan.

In other news in Afghanistan, it is now learned that the Italians were paying off the Taleban but were attacked a few days ago causing great discomfort among their people.  That's what happens when you pay off the enemy...they see a weakness and go for it.  I guess they weren't getting paid enough in Afghanistan.

Times Online: French troops were killed after Italy hushed up ‘bribes’ to Taleban

When ten French soldiers were killed last year in an ambush by Afghan insurgents in what had seemed a relatively peaceful area, the French public were horrified.

Their revulsion increased with the news that many of the dead soldiers had been mutilated — and with the publication of photographs showing the militants triumphantly sporting their victims’ flak jackets and weapons. The French had been in charge of the Sarobi area, east of Kabul, for only a month, taking over from the Italians; it was one of the biggest single losses of life by Nato forces in Afghanistan.

What the grieving nation did not know was that in the months before the French soldiers arrived in mid-2008, the Italian secret service had been paying tens of thousands of dollars to Taleban commanders and local warlords to keep the area quiet, The Times has learnt. The clandestine payments, whose existence was hidden from the incoming French forces, were disclosed by Western military officials.

US intelligence officials were flabbergasted when they found out through intercepted telephone conversations that the Italians had also been buying off militants, notably in Herat province in the far west. In June 2008, several weeks before the ambush, the US Ambassador in Rome made a démarche, or diplomatic protest, to the Berlusconi Government over allegations concerning the tactic. [...]

Just wonderful.  More at Memeorandum on that one...

I suppose this is why, in England,  NOW MUSLIMS DEMAND FULL SHARIA LAW.

I guess there's the Caliphate moving into England.  There's more at Memeorandum here...

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