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Alrighty Then! The Federal Safe School Czar - WTH?

Oh.  Wait a minute.  He isn't a Czar now...they are all COUNCELORS now.  I wonder if we have any COUNCELORS in the United States Constitution.

jdamn from TAB: Audio of 'Safe Schools' Czar Advocating Pedophilia

We have two videos here but one of them has been "removed for some sort of violations", I guess.  But, we have one of them now...

Pedophiles are cool when the Leftinistra are in da house...

Michelle Malkin: Safe Schools Czar now “regrets” failure to report child predator

I mentioned Safe School czar Kevin Jennings in my column last week on Obama’s three Rs – rappin’, revolution, and radicalism last week.

Dr. Warren Throckmorton has done yeomen’s work unearthing Jennings’ evolving tales regarding his failure as a young gay teacher to protect a 15-year old student from a homosexual child predator.

In response to pressure from social conservatives, Jennings has now issued a statement expressing “regret” for his conduct. Via David Brody: [...]

Go read the article...VERY good stuff there.

Gateway Pundit: Obama's "Safe Schools Czar" Expresses Regret for Not Reporting Statutory Rape

It wasn't a rape-rape thing, right?  Isn't that what Woopi says?

Barack Obama's "safe school's czar" Kevin Jennings hid pedophilia from authorities. Jennings violated a state law that required him to report the abuse. [...]

[...] Jennings spoke to an audience about the incident in a speech he gave in Iowa in 2000.  He did not express any remorse for not reporting the incident to authorities: [...]


jdamn at TAB: Safe Schools Czar a NAMBLA Supporter

But the Polanski-defending, Islam-loving Left aren't pro-pedophile or anything. Everything is for the kids with them. That's why Kevin Jennings was Obama's pick for Safe Schools Czar.

When he's not extolling the virtues of fisting to a group of 14-year olds, encouraging fifteen-year olds to get raped by pedophiles, writing terrorist-endorsed books about gay sex for elementary school students, saying "fuck [Christians]" in a speech at a church, hating on Christians at Puff Ho, and preying upon Mormon kids, he somehow finds the time to lobby for NAMBLA! [...]

This is what Happens when the Czars get caught with their knickers are, well, um, down...

Michelle Malkin: Now it’s “anti-gay” to describe safe school czar’s failures

[...] Next, they’ll accuse critics of creating a climate of hate and inciting violence — and endangering Jennings’ life. [...]

Kind of sad.

Here's Gateway reporting on the NAMBLA deal: Obama's "Safe Schools Czar" Praised NAMBLA Founder, Too

NAMBLA: pedophiles in the waiting area...

Dan Riehl reports in on Media Matters failing...again: Media Matters Fails In Attempt To Defend Kevin Jennings

Gateway Pundit: White House Blames FOX News For Their Safe Schools Czar's Slimy Past that Includes Hiding Pedophilia From the Authorities (Video)

Michelle Malkin: The (un)safe school czar’s inspiration

[...] Does anyone believe that Jones, Sergant and Jennings are the only Obama officials about whom truly serious questions can be raised? While Obama’s other wars will someday end, this one might last the entire administration. [...]

OOPS!  Good thing they aren't all Czars now but COUNCELORS.

Here's Dan Riehl again: Face It, People - Kevin Jennings Is Fine With Child Adult Sex

TOLD YOU SO!  Pedophilia is all OK when the leftards are in power.

[...] The fact of the matter is Jennings supports promiscuous sex between kids of 15 - 16 and full grown adults. Anyone can research it. I posted on it here. He didn't counsel a student on a "relationship". It involved pick-up sex in a bathroom with an adult who took him home. Despite the adult never calling the kid back, the student went on to continue to indulge in such activities and share them repeatedly with Jennings. All Jennings ever did was tell him to use a condom. [...]

This is getting to be too much.


Gateway Pundit: Obama's Safe Schools Czar Slams Schools For Promoting Heterosexuality --Wants Pro-gay Curricula For Kindergartners (Video)


Gateway Pundit: Obama's Safe Schools Czar Wrote That Killing Someone Who Called You Names Was "Not Aberrant Behavior"

WHAT?  I suppose if someone OTHER than a socialistic hack bastard would be challenged but NOT a full-blown leftist hack bastard?

Gateway Pundit: Obama's Safe Schools Czar Knew Harry Hay Was a Child Perp Back When He Praised Him ...Update: 53 Republicans Demand Jennings Be Fired

One of these days ALL of Czarboes "councelors" will be fired...LOL!  Well, you know.

Here's ZOMBLOG: Memo to Kevin Jennings: Your reputation is on the line

He has a reputation?

Mr. Jennings —

Please read my plea. Your shining career may soon be tarnished. You’re about to be blindsided. And I’d like to help you save your reputation.

You’ve done many admirable things which earned you your position as the Safe Schools Czar. You founded GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, a support group for teens. You have been a champion against discrimination in schools. And you’ve brought nationwide attention to the problem of bullying against students. All of these are worthy of praise, and I support your efforts in these areas.

But all that is about to be swept away by a scandal of your own making. Yet there’s hope: Because the scandal has not yet become national news, you still have a chance to stop it from spreading, and in the process safeguard your political career. [...]

Poor Jennings.  This is what happens when libtards show their self-worth...they have NONE!

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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