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News From The Sphere

Donald Douglas: Disastrous WaPo Health Survey: 7 in 10 Say ObamaCare 'Would Increase the Federal Budget Deficit' - Plus, 85 Percent Now Have Health Coverage!


Radical leftists are going to have a field day with these numbers, no matter how flawed the poll design.

A new Washington Post survey finds 57 percent of Americans would support "having the government create a new health insurance plan to compete with private health insurance plans..."

The poll also shows that a statistically insignificant majority of 51 percent favors a "a law that requires all Americans to have health insurance, either getting it from work or buying it on their own?" [...]

That's all well and good and all but, WHAT ABOUT A CONSTITUTIONAL  health care Bill?

MacRanger: WAPO Poll on Public Option finds "Surprise" that Democrats Like it

But of course, the WAPO headline would have you think that Americans are clamoring for a Public Option.  But note the poll breakdown Republican to Democrat. [...]

Interesting notes there but, WHAT ABOUT A CONSTITUTIONAL  health care Bill?

Ed at HA: WaPo/ABC poll uses skewed sample to show public-option support

My first clue that the new WaPo/ABC poll had big problems in its sampling came from question 38 of the raw data released by ABC last night, the generic Congressional ballot.  Most polls have that within the margin of error; both Rasmussen and Pew have it at a dead heat.  The WaPo/ABC survey has Democrats winning that matchup by twelve points, 51%/39%. [...]

OOPS!  Methinks someone at WaPo was doiing a little wee-wee Obama trick there.

Stephen at America Needs Me: Thoughtful, Intelligent Obama Still Utterly Clueless

Just thought to throw this one in on yas.

The harsh, therapy-inducing reality that’s going to slap the hardcore Hopeandchangeys upside their heads and shatter their thoroughly Oprahfied worlds is this: Barack Obama isn’t ever going to do anything for them because this presidency is all about him.

President Facetime is relentlessly focused on redefining narcissism and nothing else. In the latest example that his vaunted Ivy League intellect may just be a rumor, he’s decided to take a pass on going to Berlin to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the fall of communism. [...]

Poor thing.  Rememeber, he IS going to Oslo for the Dumbass Award.

Ed at HA: Video: Deeds and the WaPo endorsement

How valuable will the Washington Post endorsement be to Creigh Deeds in his quest for the Virginia governorship? [...]

Does anyone care?

WaPo: ASSHATS.  Go read all of the posts linked above.  Pretty good stuff.  One thing is missing in ALL of the health care arguing.  Just how is a FEDERAL health care Bill constitutional?

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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