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Obama And Reid Continue Secret Health Care Negotiations

Yep.  The same old Harry "I'm Gonna Lose In 2010 and the War Is Lost" Reid is still secretly meeting with the unknown origin of Czarboe.  Yes, we know all about the secret meetings, right?

I know.  We have shown this video time and time again here at the Snooper Report and Mike's America at FA has the same video: Obama And Reid Continue Secret Health Care Negotiations

[...] The only “hope” here is Obama’s hope you don’t notice what a fraud and liar he is! [...]

Obama: fraud and liar.  If he wasn't the Rezident at the White Marxist House it just might be funny.

Michelle Malkin: The “vapor bill” materializes, but don’t spend too much reading it

Yes, we have that very document right here.

Transparency my foot.

In its typically bass-ackwards way, the Democrat majority has released the 1,500-plus Baucus health care bill…a week after passing it in committee.

Here it is in PDF form.

But don’t invest too much time reading it.

Because in the Dems’ typically non-transparent way, it’ll be melded, molded, and amended behind closed doors: [...]

Oh, Michelle!  That's just mean-spirited!

JWF:  Warm and Fuzzy Dingy Harry Plans to 'Vaporize' Senate Opponent

[...] Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is prepared to run a sharply negative campaign if that’s what it takes to win reelection next year, with a top adviser predicting that the Nevada Democrat will “vaporize” his Republican challengers with attack ads. [...]

[...] “I expect him to vaporize Lowden or Tarkanian or whoever is the opponent,” said a Reid adviser, speaking on the condition of anonymity in order to discuss campaign strategy. [...]

That was just a wee-wee bit of data just to show what kind of schmuck this libtard Reid is.

Ed at HA: Reid buying off doctors to support ObamaCare?

Harry Reid has launched a new effort to woo doctors into supporting ObamaCare, The Hill reports this morning.  That may surprise some who watched the White House hold a Rose Garden event with scores of lab-coat-clad physicians that claimed the medical profession was foursquare in support of Barack Obama’s overhaul of the American medical industry.  Most other physicians object to the cuts in Medicare reimbursements that pay for the conversion, so Reid will dump the cuts to buy their endorsement: [...]

Yea?  Well?  If he dumps the cuts who the hell is going to pay for it?  ReidCo.  Asshat.

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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