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Media Matters & President Obama in Lockstep

From the American Thinker, By Kyle-Anne Shiver: Media Matters & President Obama in Lockstep

Revival of right-wing conspiracy charges are all the rage in the age of Obama, but liberals are just playing the same old shell game.  The real action is on the left, with lockstep collusion by the President with Soros-funded Media Matters.

While the President sends his surrogates onto national network programs to decry Fox News, Media Matters is behind the scenes working its Fight Fox campaign.

Media Matters' president, Eric Burns, sent out the Fight Fox campaign announcement to supporters on September 17 and explained why Fox had to be driven out of the national political conversation. [...]

Stephen at America Needs Me: Health Care Deficit Math Magic

President Obama has assured his bobble heads that health care reform won’t add anything to the deficit. It’s difficult to figure out how a bill that costs somewhere just south of a trillion dollars is going to be deficit neutral. But bureaucrats have a mathematical principle available to them that we regular folk aren’t allowed to use. It’s called calling it something else. [...]

Ed at HA: Hume’s challenge to media: Do you really want the Gibbs Seal of Approval?

We already know where Jake Tapper stands on this point, but the real question is why more journalists in the White House aren’t making their position clear. Brit Hume wondered whether American journalists from other news organizations really will become the lackeys of the Obama administration by ignoring news stories originating at Fox, just because Robert Gibbs disapproves of Fox. [...]

We have already shown this video but here it is again...

Doug Powers: The Powers That Be

[...] This is the problem politicians run into when their success or failure doesn’t depend on achievements but rather in generating excitement over their visions. An actual achievement is secondary to the excitement (and ergo votes) that are generated in simply outlining a “goal” — in Obama’s case freebies and entitlements. This is why Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize — for his “goals” and not for any achievements. [...]

AMEN!  Here's Obama's quote, begging for help.

[...] “I hope that everybody here is willing to recapture that sense of excitement that comes from a big but achievable challenge, not a superficial excitement that comes from election day, but an excitement that comes from knowing we took on something that had to be taken on.” [...]

Pretty sad, that.

JWF: Chicago Columnist to Obama: Hey, the Excuses are Wearing Thin


[...] You'd think it's October 2008, the final month in the Obama presidential candidacy, rather than October 2009, nine months into the Obama presidency. Yet the Obama White House is in full campaign mode -- maybe because it needs to mask the shortcomings of the Obama presidency. [...]

WOOWEE!  Obama in campaign mode?  No doubt.  This is what happens when one hasn't done ANYTHING in their lives, even written their own books.  Shortcomings of the Obama Rezidency.  Man oh man!

Media Matters.  Owned by Soros but Soros isn't a Leftinistra.

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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