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A Small Recent Obama History

First off there's Obama Trapped By Center-Right America.  He's stuck.  He ran on so many levels that at the moment he thinks that organizing a community is the best thing and it isn't.  He has the low-in-number far left asshats that are far outnumbered by the plethora of conservatives.  He's stuck.  He is so stuck that the independents are against him and the rug-rats of the Marxoclass don't care about the constitution...and we know about it and they do not.

[...] Facing early criticism from the Right, he tacked Left and home to his base. But in a center-Right America he doesn't have a prayer of delivering for them. He's already losing broad support simply because he did it. But as he's the guy it isn't as if he can duck responsibility for that, as he's tried to duck responsibility for most everything throughout his political life. [...]

Poor Obama.  He's stuck and has no way out.

Second, Voters Trust Republicans.  As a strange counterpart to The One, the Republicans that stayed home last time are now all of a sudden paying attention.  They are so paying attention now that a vast number of Democrats are also paying attention and are in league with the HUGE Conservative base in this country.

[...] For the first time in recent years, voters trust Republicans more than Democrats on all 10 key electoral issues regularly tracked by Rasmussen Reports. The GOP holds double-digit advantages on five of them.

Republicans have nearly doubled their lead over Democrats on economic issues to 49% to 35%, after leading by eight points in September.

The GOP also holds a 54% to 31% advantage on national security issues and a 50% to 31% lead on the handling of the war in Iraq.

But voters are less sure which party they trust more to handle government ethics and corruption, an issue that passed the economy in voter importance last month. Thirty-three percent (33%) trust Republicans more while 29% have more confidence in Democrats. Another 38% are undecided. Last month, the parties were virtually tied on the issue.  [...]

Well?  Just as a side note to the above, "Scozzafava's a radical leftist (RINO), and a corrupt one at that".  NY 23.  I hope Hoffman wins that one for sure.

As we wait to see if the Stimulus Package (the Rape of America and Destruction of America Act) does the White House Admits Stimulus Already Losing Steam.  And that's the third part here.  Too bad for Obama and his cronies of illrepute.  Thanks to the AP:

[...] The White House admitted today that the record $787 billion stimulus was losing steam. [...]

"Corrupted birds of a feather flock together… The leftwing fish rots from the head down."  OUCH!  Here's the video...

And Mickey Mouse Fat Ass Moore says to stay off of Fox News?  What for?  We never hear stuff like this anywhere else!

On the fourth part, we have the Political and Culture War Heating Up.. O'Reilly Talking Point Meme (video).  Go check out the videos.  Too cool.

On the fifth part of this article, we have Dr. Melissa Clouthier telling us all that Obama’s Desire To Control Fox News, The Media & Everything.  Isn't that cute?

[...] And to think that George W. Bush was mocked for saying, “If you’re not with us, you’re with the terrorists.” The White House is laying a foundation of future media relations that does two things. First, they are identifying, and most importantly trying to get all the media to identify, good and bad media coverage, both terms defined by the White House. Second, they are nudging each reporter and news organization to move further toward the “good” side by trying to drive a wedge between them and Fox News. [...]

She goes on to speak about Scientology and how the Leftiistra are following that same criteria.  Why?  Because they have nothing else.  Go read that one.

Here's the sixth part which is an article you must really go pay attention to.  Caught on Tape! Media Matters Totally PWNED - Truth Deficit for ACORN's Katherine Conway Russell! is a must see.  I have the video over here at the Snooper Report but the commentary with the video is a must read.  Here's the problem - ACORN in the middle of refuting or on a rebuttal mission actually admitted to that which was allegedly rebutted.  And that's the way the Leftinistra are.  They cannot help it.

And now for the seventh part: 'Bros Before Hoes' - America's Left-Wing Cult of Obama Worship

sorry...couldn't resist

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
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