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It's Time for Obama to Get a Clue?

From the American Thinker by Lauri B Regan: It's Time for Obama to Get a Clue

About what?  What an idiot he is?  What an idiot community organizer he is?  What a non-constitutionalist he is?   Well, on top of all that...

If the Obama administration took as much time to focus on the issues of the day as it does to attack its critics, this country might actually be headed in a different direction - the right direction. It is becoming tiresome to open a newspaper, sign onto the internet, or turn on the television and read or hear about the most recent inane attacks by Obama, Gibbs, Emmanuel, or any of the other radical administration spokesmen who have an implausible theory on what they perceive as their adversaries' contributions to the downfall of the country.

If Obama and his Chicago thugs simply focused on the country's real enemies rather than American citizens and institutions which provide constructive criticism and honest discourse on the policies emanating from the White House, effective policy might be put in place which would advance an agenda supported by a true majority of citizens. But rather, we see an administration so focused on what, in its paranoid state, it perceives as enemies, that all of its energies are centered on discrediting Bush and Cheney, Fox News, talk radio, Rush Limbaugh, town hall attendees, tea party organizers, health insurance companies, Wall Street executives, and a sundry other groups not yet in their pockets. [...]

Absolutely!  It seems like we are all reading each others posts!  How's this one?

Sarjex at HA: “Cleaning House” or “Obama’s Mop”

From Macsmind: Dems Close to Pushing Public Option? Not Quite

Yessir.  Already wrote about this one but the commentary here is GREAT!

[...] Note the shift in definition of a "public option".   As it's now being defined it's no difference than AVMED or other "private company" insurance option.   If this passed it would hardly be a victory for those who demanded mandated government run insurance, that idea is dead.

Actually the WAPO is getting fed cheerleading points by Democratic aides and ops, but the fact is that Reid will fail if he tries to to even bring this watered down bill to the floor.

Already targeted "conservative" dems aren't saying they'll vote for it, and in fact three of them have said on record that they do not support the option, no matter what it's called or defined. [...]

And that's a fact jack!

As if we hadn't already known this one...Jim Hoft: Latest Health Care Bill Will Cost Americans $1 Trillion

What have we said about the War On Fox News?  Waste of time and Fox WILL win this one?  Is this the end of Obamedia?

[...] The dem’s health care bill will cost Americans over $1 trillion.  And, that’s before Speaker Pelosi starts the vote buying. [...]

Jim quotes from My Way News: House health care bill over $1 trillion for decade.  Looks like David Espo will get himself problems with the Obamatards.

WASHINGTON (AP) - Health care legislation taking shape in the House carries a price tag of at least $1 trillion over a decade, significantly higher than the target President Barack Obama has set, congressional officials said Friday as they struggled to finish work on the measure for a vote early next month.

Democrats have touted an unreleased Congressional Budget Office estimate of $871 billion in recent days, a total that numerous officials acknowledge understates the bill's true cost by $150 billion or more. That figure excludes several items designed to improve benefits for Medicare and Medicaid recipients and providers, as well as public health programs and more, they added.

The officials who disclosed the details did so on condition of anonymity, saying they were not authorized to discuss them publicly. [...]

"Discuss them publicly" which means what?  No one really knows.  How's this one?

Jim Hoft: Obama: Dodd Is One of My Favorite Senators (Video)

This has GOT to be a misprint or one of those misspeak thingies?

What's the name of that mortgage company again?  Countrywide?  Isn't Dodd neck deep into that debacle and Dodd is one of Obama's FAVORITE "dudes"?

[...] Barack Obama’s $787 billion stimulus bill “created or saved” 20 jobs in Connecticut this year. [...]

WOW!  TWENTY damned jobs!  Obama.  Dodd.  Asshats.

Doug Powers: NPR Analyst Issues Full and Complete Obamapology For Nixon Comparison

UHOH!  An Obamabot sort of KINDA got "coerced".  Go read that one, especially the video at the end.

The Lid: Rasmussen: Americans Flee Democratic Party On Key Issues

We can finally understand what Candidate Barack Obama meant by Hope and Change, because in nine short months, with the help of his teams in congress,  he has totally destroyed Public Opinion of his Democratic party. [...]

Ain't that the truth or what?

[...] Voters also trust Republicans more on the handling of abortion 47% to 35%. [...]

Poor defeatocrats and poor Obama.  Go check out Rasmussen for all the data.  Fairly interesting.

Obama has effectively destroyed the Defeatocrat Political Party and all those DIDs like Lindsey Graham.

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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