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Obama and His Inability To Decide

Afghanistan.  It's pathetic.  Either we have a CIC that knows what in the hell he's doing or we just bring the Troops home so they can act here stateside...we need them badly.  The problem with that is we will be back.  As Czarboe and his inability to respond/react accordingly because he is stuck speaks out about womens rights...

Donald Douglas: Afghan Insurgency More Dangerous Than Ever: Obama Leaves McChrystal Hanging

Screw Newshobbers and their ilk of moron...

Pamela Geller: Afghans Libel our Troops: Protest rumored desecration of Koran by U.S. troops

[...] The best of Americans are sitting ducks under the Obama regime.  And stop the insane immigration of Afghans into America. [...]

B-R-I-N-G    T-H-E-M    H-O-M-E.

LA Slimes: Afghans protest rumored desecration of Koran by U.S. troops  MORONS

Hundreds of protesters in Kabul burn an effigy of President Obama, a sign of rising religious conservatism and anti-Americanism in the country. The U.S. military denies any sacrilege took place. [...]

There.  That should do something to the effette futz.  Sacrilege?  SACRILEGE?  I don't remember any SACRILEGE when Bush was burned in effigy.  You remember anything like that?  Sacrilege.  For burning Obama.  Please.

Jim Hoft: More Hope & Change… Obama Torched in Kabul

So much for Hope and Change…Obama torched. [...]

Yeah.  Sacrilege.

Brigadier General Anthony J Tata at BG: Boots on the Ground Report: The Cost of Delay

On Obama's most costly error of his worthless life...

So let me be clear about the cost of delay:

First, while Obama has deliberated, troops he has previously described as “under resourced” are fighting and dying…and still under resourced.

Second, the Taliban are terrorizing civilians in those areas that lack significant or any coalition force presence and very courageous political leaders at the local governance level are left defenseless.

Third, we may miss the window of opportunity presented by the traditional Taliban operational pause in December and January.

Fourth, we exponentially complicate the deployment and reception of the 40,000 troops as ships have to be ordered, planes scheduled, operating bases built, and supplies delivered.

Fifth, had Obama acted promptly, he may have had additional troops to help with the election runoff agreed upon this week.

Sixth, with each day that Stan McChrystal’s request goes unanswered, the president gives the green light for his legions of political hacks and pudgy pundits, none of whom can hold McChrystal’s jock strap, to malign the general and minimize both his stature and his assessment. No biggie to McChrystal personally, but the enemy makes hay with this kind of thing in the terrorist recruiting world. [...]

Donald Douglas: 'We Need to Take 'Em Down' - ANSWER/ PSL: Stop the War at Home and Abroad!

I was going to place some of this trash here on the site but I thought better of it.  Go there and read the trash.  It's typical.  The far left Marxist assholes, the least in numbers that we have in this country are whining about the Global War On Terror and it is these mutants that will be the first to go when Shar'ia LAw coomes to the USA.  Amazing and Obama is listening to the screeching yelps of nowhere land.

Jim Hoft: Obama Can’t Find a Single Pentagon Official to Sign Off on Biden’s Afghanistan Plan

Vice President Joe Biden, for supposed foreign policy wonk in the Obama Administration, can’t find a single military strategist to sign off on his Afghanistan plan. [...]

Citing the Weekly Standard: Biden Team Drafts Its Own Counterterrorism Strategy After Defense Dept. Declines

If you want to see just how little credence Vice President Joe Biden's plan for Afghanistan has inside military circles, look no further than this paragraph from an article written by Peter Spiegel and Yochi Dreazen for the Wall Street Journal:

People familiar with the internal debates say Mr. Obama rejected a strictly counter-terror approach during White House deliberations in early October. One official said Pentagon strategists were asked to draft brief written arguments making the best case for each strategy, but the strategists had difficulties writing out a credible case for the counter-terror approach -- prompting members of Mr. Biden's staff to step in and write the document themselves.

In case that wasn't clear, not a single strategist in the Pentegon was willing to draft a paper to defend the Biden plan. No one wanted to put their name on the document. So, members of Biden's staff -- political appointees -- had to write the brief.

Biden.  Asshat.

TimesOnline: Morale dips for American marines in Afghanistan

In a remote part of Helmand troops are dismayed by the ambivalence of locals and a sense that the Taliban can outlast them [...]

No word of Obama in the article and why Obama is such a lunkhead.

Nelville Hussein.  Asshat.  More at Memeorandum...

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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