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Afghanistan, Afghanistan, Afghanistan: Does Anyone Get It Yet?

Obama doesn't get it, I am quite sure.  He has some community organizing to do and if one were to check out South Chicago, one would figure out that he was just kidding then.  Right?  Must be.  I mean, what if he had to deal with bad publicity back then?  Man!  What if Fox News would have known about how silly he was back then?  I knew but, then again, I am ONLY the Snooper Report.  What do I know?  What if Chicago Ray would have known about the silly little pathetic community orgainzer back than?  Then again, what does he know?  He only LIVES in Chicago.

Big Bad Jimbo at Ace: John Kerry on Afghanistan- Allow me to disconcur


 Now Watch This One


American Power

DrewM at Ace: Team Obama: Afghanistan Decision Coming Soon And Oh Yeah, Rahm Lied About The Bush Administration

Love the ending...

[...] And you wingnuts were worried Obama might vote 'Present' on important issue rather than exercise leadership and maybe risk some political capital. [END]

OUCH!  Read these posts: President Obama Likely to Announce Afghan Decision Between Nov. 7 and 11; Will Likely Seek More Troops – But Not 40,000; Gibbs Tries to Defuse Rahm's Bomb. He Fails.; We Interrupt this Blogging Break; Obama's Minions Are Ingrates - The Bush administration did leave a plan for Afghanistan.

Go read DrewM's article and then every article linked above...they are what took me so damned long to write this post.  Spend some time and take some notes.  Obama is an idiot and so is Biden and all that surround them day to day and night to night.  They have no gumption to save anyone but their own little rant-filled selves because they know.  They know.

From Neptunus Rex:

Several top White House officials, including Emanuel, Jones, David Axelrod, and Joe Biden, remain skeptical of escalating U.S. military engagement in Afghanistan. And according to the man who conducted the Afghanistan review for the Obama White House, Bruce Riedel, politics is at the center of those concerns.

“I think a big part of it is, the vice president’s reading of the Democratic party is this is not sustainable,” Riedel told the New York Times. “That’s a part of the process that’s a legitimate question for a president–if I do this, can I sustain it with political support at home? That was the argument the vice president was making back in the winter.”

Sad, right?  It ends thusly:

[...] Try to win your country’s war, or your party’s election: That’s a tough one. [END]


Jim Hoft with an "iincident" WAY back in time...Obama Tells Military: “I Won’t Risk Your Lives Unless It’s Necessary & If It’s Necessary I’ll Back You to the Hilt”.

[...] Unless you’re in Afghanistan. [...]

Simply amazing.

[...] He said this with a straight face… Obama told the troops today that he won’t risk their lives unless necessary and then, “If it is necessary, we will back you up to the hilt.”  That is, unless you are already serving in harms way. [...]

Obama.  The worst that ever was anywhere.  Community Organizer.  Obama.  Effette Futz.  In the meantime:

Ed at HA: Pakistan arrests 11 Revolutionary Guards near Iranian border

What are they doing there?

If we’re not going to get serious about confronting Iranian meddling with the Taliban, it looks as though the Pakistanis will have to do it. Not that they have much choice, either, as apparently the Revolutionary Guard has begun to infiltrate across the border with Pakistan: [...]

And then:

[...] Iranians blamed the suicide-bomb attack that killed dozens of senior IRG officers on Sunni radicals allegedly backed by Pakistan. [...]

I thought the US did that one.

So, the Chief Obamatard is going to WAIT until Nov 7 and Nov 11.  Obama.  Moron.

Watch their faces, ladies...

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly


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