Blue Texan: A Blustering and Bloviating Moron
Thu, October 29, 2009 at 22:34
Mark "Snooper" Harvey in Blue Texan Asshat, War News

I have no idea where this libtard lives but I can only suspect that it lives near Austin, the bluest bastion of libtards in the Republic of Texas.  Listen to this CRAP: Disgraceful: In 8 Years, George W. Bush Never Greeted Fallen Troops.  WHAT?  Does this moron NEVER pay any attention to life period?  Damn schmuck.  Frikkin' retard.

US President Barack Obama has paid his respects to 18 Americans killed in Afghanistan, the first time he has honoured the fallen in this way.

Yes, he did go and out of 18 families ONE said he could stand there like an asshole and pay homage to men he doesn't even care about.  Moron.

Pay attention, Blue Rag:  For The Newcomers At The Snooper Report and Dover Dead: Obama's Disgrace, to name just two posts.  Spend some REAL time on the blog to find out how much a schmuck the Czarboe is. Moron.

The dramatic image of a president on the tarmac was a portrait not witnessed in years.

NPR?  The socialist slut of print?

His predecessor, George W Bush, visited the families of dead troops but never received the bodies at the base, in Dover, Delaware.

Mr Bush also did not go to military funerals, telling the military newspaper Stars and Stripes three years ago that he preferred to meet families privately.

And that is EXACTLY what needed to be done, you bloviating asswipe.  A Soldiers' time is his own time.  A Marine's time is his own time.  A Squid's time is his own time.  An Airforces' time is his own time.  A Coast Guards' time is his own time.  The time does NOT belong on the news papers and to have lackadaisical morons printing their pictures and taking notes and it certainly does NOT belong to a CiC.  Moron.

Bush also preferred to go bed early, but apparently, could never get his ass out of bed early enough to honor the soldiers he so recklessly sent off to die.

Moron.  Prove that one you sidewinder.

Note to Blue Texan: drop dead.  You'll be doing the world a service.  Frikkin' idiot.

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Come and see us all in DC next Thursday as Vets On The Hill take over.  Communist rat bastard.

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