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Liberal Pathology and the Fawning Times of Obama

See this post: Czars, Esquires and the Alleged Porkulus/Stimulus Tomfooleries

Here we go again with the bogus Obamamath...

Memeorandum: Political Punch: $160,000 Per Stimulus Job?  White House Calls That ‘Calculator Abuse’

Posting its results late this afternoon at, the White House claimed 640,329 jobs have been created or saved because of the $159 billion in stimulus funds allocated as of Sept. 30. [...]

Obama hasn't a clue what their retarded "stimulus" is doing...for the good.  All it is is a tax rip off.  The next thing we know diversity will be the next thing out.  Oh.  Wait.  What Diversity?

Liberals, or as they refer to themselves now, "progressives", have been pushing diversity in America for years.  The people of the United States have been told that diversity is good in all things from the economic marketplace to ideas. Now that more progressives than ever inhabit the House, Senate, and the White House, one would think that the Democrats would be working harder than ever to promote the diversity they claim to cherish. [...]

You are kiddiing, right?  The LAST thing a defeatocrat wants is "diversity".  All diversity to a libtard is MORE of what they want and nothing for anyone else.  Then, there is always Sober Realities.

[...] Then, she really floored me. She said she hadn’t thought about the economy that way and she’d have to consider things in that light – at which point she moved off. As I stood there filling up my water bottles, I thought: how can any reasonably intelligent person have failed to notice over the past three or more decades that every time taxes are lowered and the government diminishes its involvement in the private sector, the people go back to work and the economy becomes a juggernaut? [...]

Darn.  There's that good common sense thingy again.  Actually, what that is called is the Liberal Pathology and Czarbilini has that a lot!

I have reported on this emphatically on this blog but,  White House Comedy: 'Transparency Like You've Never Seen Before'.  Transparency.  That's a laugh: Remember When Obama Said That ALL "BILLS" Would Be On The Internet For Five Days?  Some joke.

Transparency as seen through Freedom of Information requests and administrative appeals with the Department of Homeland Security. So transparent we don't even know all the names of those who've visited the White House this year, with names of lobbyists not disclosed. [...]

Yeah.  Transparency in everything, including visitors to the White Marxist House.  We can't even get transparency on our UNCONSTITUTIONAL legislative actions let alone visitors.

Come For The News, Stay For The Accents

This clip has it all. A world renowned physicists, a financial expert, dinosaurs, and how the White House's jobs numbers are unable to be quantified by any method known to man. [...]

Yep.  Billy's UFOs is real.

Pamela Geller: Attention NY Voters: Corrupt Pol in Staten Island -- Dirty Debi Rose and the Working Family Parties connection

More Obamatards in action.  Oh.  Wait.  More Marxitards.

Hey Staten Island! Wake up! Staten Island is one of NYC's five boroughs -- home to cops, firefighters and a mix of hard working blue collar and white collar families. Staten Island was hit real bad on 911. They have no clue how dirty the Working Families Party is. But we do.

The Democrats are a racketeering organization using their proxies like the Left wing Working Families Party (how ironic), ACORN, and community organizing organizations to steal elections and usurp the will of free men.

The NY Post came out with this story on the Working Families Party and Debi Rose connection. We must purge these criminal politicians and this party from our local and state governments. Rose appears to be assisting illegal activity and trafficking, scamming the campaign finance system. She is pleading the fifth as the records will, ahem, incriminate her. [...]


To end this diatribe of Liberal Pathology...


The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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