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More Libtard Palsy to Go Over for the Weekend

Memeorandum: Jazz Shaw at The Moderate Voice: So Much for Tort Reform

As we dig deeper into the behemoth House health care bill, the blatant honesty of Howard Dean shines through the extensive document.  You may recall when the former DNC chair said, "the reason why tort reform is not in the bill is because the people who wrote it did not want to take on the trial lawyers in addition to everybody else they were taking on, and that is the plain and simple truth." [...]

Cowards.  Besides, the libtards all over the bills with outrageous costs and "financial achievement" and the libtards HATE that...RIGHT?

What about California?  What about getting taxed 10% of your income just because the State NEEDS the cash?  Say what?  Ed at HA: California takes interest-free loan from working people.  It's called an interest-free loan?

As if working people in California didn’t have a tough enough time, they are about to see their paychecks get a little lighter, courtesy of their political class in Sacramento.  In order to help close a budget shortfall, the state will increase withholding from paychecks by 10%, in essence forcing every working person in California to make an interest-free loan to the state: [...]

Unbelievable.  Can we spell T.H.E.F.T.?  If I was in California, I'd be headed EAST pretty quickly and let the libtards and the Mexicans take it back.

Armitage is "coming back".  Judas H Priest I thought this was ALL OVER!  Armitage leaked Valarie Plame's name all over but Libby took the deal.  Why?  Who knows!  The Lying Wlsons and The Leaker Armitage.  That article was back in October of 2007.  Today, this from American Thinker: The nameless leaker Richard Armitage.  Good grief.  It's coming back!

[...] In a current article detailing the released transcripts of former Vice-President Cheney's interviews with the prosecution in the Wilson-Plame imbroglio, the AP summarizes the matter without ever bothering to inform its readers that Colin Powell's Deputy, Richard Armitage was the person who revealed her name to Bob Novak. (also to Bob Woodward and who knows who else.) [...]

Good God Almighty.

Politics.  It's all over the place.  Donald Douglas: This is What They Do: Chester County Democrats Smear Conservative School Board Candidate - UPDATE! Sean Carpenter is Upbeat!

Go read that post and just laugh at the libtards.

Dan Riehl: Why Obama Released WH Logs When He Did

Last night I said Obama needed a distraction for some reason, or the WH logs wouldn't have been released when they were. Everything for a political purpose with this crew. Meant more for his base than the Right, as the headlines boasted of the most transparent administration evah! Holder was invoking the States Secret Privilege ... Again, according to Jake Tapper. Meanwhile the Media department of the Obama administration aka the rest of the MSM is talking about how transparent he is. Well, he is that! heh! If one is actually watching him with a more cynical eye, which is required to be a good reporter, of course. Tapper may eventually make his career off this guy. I hope he has someone starting his car [...]

I will have to agree with all of that.  The visitors list that was released has the libtards going all out of whack.  Screw 'em.

A Lobbyist By Any Other Name (emphasis mine)

The recently released list of White House visitors suggests the new Obama definition of “lobbyist” as someone making a case to advance a special interest they get paid to represent.

Sounds like the old definition.

So what if Oprah dropped by, and George Clooney? (Nobody’s saying they were together.) Jesse Jackson’s been by six times, on pastoral calls no doubt. Al Sharpton a couple of times, too (assuming he’s the “Alfred Sharpton” on the list).  What else does he have to do?

Other noteworthy visitors to the White House include Jeffery Jones (8 visits), of the Apollo Alliance, co-founder of the Weather Underground, and active in drafting the porkulus bill. [...]

Go read that post...MUCH information gathered.

OH.  MY.  GOD!

Publius at BG: Calbuzz: Jerry Brown Must Fire Flack Who Secretly Taped Reporters

The stunning news that a spokesman for Attorney General Jerry Brown secretly taped a conversation with SF Chronicle reporter Carla Marinucci, admitting that this something he did routinely, leaves Brown with one and only option: fire the flack immediately.

The paper reported Friday that Brown press spokesman Scott Gerber acknowledged taping the call, apparently in direct violation of California Penal Code Section 632, which says that conversations may not be taped without notice to all parties. [...]

I bet Bush did this as well but it isn't as bad if the Obamatards do it.  RIGHT?

Here's a good one...

Doug Ross: Democrats Admit: Our Health Care Bill Is a Cluster****

Just read between the lines of the 2,000-page ObamaCare bill and you'll find two stark admissions. Democrats are convinced that the bill will lead to an unmitigated catastrophe. [...]

As we have all said from the start.  I'm on page 236 right now.  I hope I get done.  This Bill is not only unconstitutional, it is a tax hiking SOB.  SO much for the middle class NOT getting one single penny raised in taxes.  Right.

Here's another good one.  Dan Riehl: Fed Insurer Drops Hernia Coverage As HC Bill Released

[...] Rep. Michelle Bachman says the health care bill is the crown jewel of socialism. She's not far from wrong. This impacts every employer in the United States, giving the Federal Government an open invitation to wreak all sorts of havoc on them and the economy over all. And it's not repeal-able politically if passed. Time to draw a line in the sand if you can bend over after lugging the thing, which isn't even the final bill, around for a few days. [...]

I'll be there in DC at that time with Vets For Freedom...if my tip jar works.

And now, it is time.  SARAH PALIN in 2012!

Dan Riehl: Sarah Palin: A Time To Unite

Another Facebook update from Sarah Palin. I don't disagree, though I suspect some cynics would say we need to be careful what we're uniting around. It'll be interesting to see how active Palin is after the election. Certainly she'll be active in promoting her book. How political she makes that remains to be seen.

It will also be interesting to watch how she handles herself in relation to the mainstream GOP. She is still a rogue, after all. Glenn Reynolds used somewhat the same theme in a Washington Examiner item. His is more geared to the post-election period. Twenty-ten and 2012 represent two very pivotal elections for America coming up. [...]

Um, screw the GOP, Dan.  Wake up.

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
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