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Eight Years In Afghanistan Plus One Day

From Fox News:

All this news on Afghanistan is "Rather" tricky to me seeing that I have been there.  In our posting yesterday, "Obama Still Deliberating Whether We Need to Defeat Taliban", it was mentioned whether or not Obama can separate the Al Qeada and Taliban and that we jusy need to attack Al Qeada and leave the Taliban alone.  ALONE?  Leave the Talibam ALONE?  Wasn't the Taliban THROWN OUT of Afghanistan and now Obama wants to leave them ALONE?  Obama.  ASSHAT.

How about these?

Donald Douglas: Giving Voice to Our Enemies: Newsweek: 'The Taliban in Their Own Words'

Mr Douglas quotes from Newsweek's article "The Taliban in Their Own Words", explaining the plight - THE PLIGHT? - of the Taliban.  Go read that monstrocity and one can figure out what the punk bastard Obama is thinking.  However...

[...] Notice that last part, about how the "Arabs taught us." That's going to be al Qaeda in Iraq or . These are the forces of the militant arch of jihad that's spanning from Israel to South Asia. Newsweek's reporters are traveling with these terrorists, and they've obviously obtained information that could save American lives. If you read the caption to the photo-gallery, the disclaimer reads, "Because they continue armed struggle, the men [insurgents] would not be photographed for this story ..." You think? [...]

The Taliban.  No threat to the USA?  Right.  Here's one lead-iin from these Newsweek morons:

[...] Our men, on the other hand, are watching American bases 24 hours a day. They inform us of American movements. We used to hit the Americans with roadside bombs and then disappear. Now when we explode an IED, we follow that with AK and RPG fire. We now have more destructive IEDs, mostly ammonium-nitrate bombs that we mix with aluminum shards. We get regular deliveries of these fertilizers, explosives, fuses, detonators, and remote controls. One heavy shipment is on its way right now. I think we are better at making IEDs now than the Arabs who first taught us. [...]

Yeah.  No threats.  Obama.  ASSHAT.

Douglas V Gibbs: Afghanistan: The Politically Convenient War

[...] He's not a Commander in Chief, and with his weak leadership, I am surprised the death toll of our troops isn't higher.

Remember, Obama's comprehensive new strategy doesn't include the word "victory." He doesn't want to offend any members of the enemy factions. [...]

Gateway Pundit: State-Run Media Prepares Country For Obama's Potential Surrender in Afghanistan

[...] "His plan comes up short. There's not enough troops, not enough resources and not enough urgency. What President Bush and Senator McCain don't understand is that the central front in the War on Terror is not in Iraq and never was. The central front is in Afghanistan and Pakistan where the terrorists who hit us on 9-11 are still plotting attacks seven years later." [...]

These are the words of Obama - CAMPAIGNING.  He's a LIAR.


Yes, I have posted this video MANY times and have done it here as well.  Obama.  HE LIES.

Douglas V Gibbs: Afghanistan Eight Year Anniversary Filled With Questions

Doug Ross: Diplomatic Breakthrough: Taliban In Synch With Obama


Dan Riehl: Obama Chooses Politics Over Soldier's Lives In Afghanistan

Donald Douglas: Pelosi on Shinseki in 2005: President Bush Should 'Listen to His Commanders in the Field'

Here's the LIAR Pelosi

Nancy said this to President Bush... "I remind you the president – when General Shinseki said that you need 300,000 troops in order to get the job done and come home safely and soon, he was fired. So this president saying that he listens to the commanders in the field, I don’t know about that."  This was spoken in 2005.  I suppose McChrystal is right...or wrong, depending on your outlook.

Check this report out..."General Pelosi Knows Better, Slams McChrystal"

What we need is someone in power to get their heads out of their asses and get the Troops EVERYTHING they need to win in Afghanistan.  We had it before.  We need it now.

More at Memeorandum...

and here...

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
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