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Doug Hoffman and The Race Is On - Dede Endorses the Enemy?

Many posts at Memeorandum today all about the Hoffman VICTORY in NY 23.

First is at the Politico: Base sends GOP warning shot in NY-23

Republican Dede Scozzafava's decision Saturday to drop out of the New York special congressional election gave conservatives a big win, but may present a challenge for Republicans heading into next year's mid-term elections. [...]

Second is from Dede: A Message from Dede

Dear Friends and Supporters:  —  Throughout the course of my campaign for Congress, I have made the people of the 23rd District and the issues that affect them the focal point of my campaign.  As a life long resident of this District, I care deeply and passionately about its people and our way of life. [...]

Third is from Watertown Daily Times: A changed race

Owens is best-equipped to represent NNY  —  Dierdre K. Scozzafava's decision to suspend her campaign for the 23rd Congressional District seat is a shocking development in what had already been an extraordinary race.  —  In her statement Saturday morning, the assemblywoman explained the reasons behind her decision: "It is increasingly clear that pressure is mounting on many of my supporters to shift their support. Consequently, I hereby release those individuals who have endorsed and supported my campaign to transfer their support as they see fit to do so." [...]

This is where Newt Gingrich needs to stuff his shirt so far down in a whole he never comes forward to say anything to anybody ever again.  So far, Dede, the leftists republican is votong for who and endorsing what?  The Democrat.  Go figure.  Good job Newt...frikkin' moron.

Macranger: Scozzafava Encourages Supporters to Support - Owens?

[...] Seems Ms. Scozzafava's true colors have come to light and prove why she was sinking in the polls. What true Republican under any circumstances would support a Democrat in such a race explains itself.  That is if the rumor is true.  That's because the campaign - or what's left of it - is already sending out denials of the rumor. [...]

Good job Newt and the NRCC.  How's this all working out for your lamed asses!

Dan Riehl: Clueless Republicans

Politico managed to find a couple moderate Republicans to start whining already. And why Reynolds, of all people, is still speaking for the GOP is a ridiculous mystery. His record at the NRCC was atrocious, he created problems, with others, during the Foley affair. And his decision to end independent auditing at the NRCC led to a million bucks being scammed and even more Republican disgrace. Yet, he continues to be their man in NY State. What a disgrace. [...]

But what about "poor Dede", Dan?  Make up your damned mind, Dan.

MacRanger: What Deed's Departure Means for the Conservative Movement

Following the Drop Dede Movement, we are witnessing a Revolution...a non-violent Revolution.  Unless we count the actions of the libtards as violent, which they always are...

[...] We are where we are because we didn't stick to our core conservative principles of governance - period. Americans are by and large conservative and that's why we kept congress for 14 years and won five of the last eight presidential elections.

We are NOT the party of moderates and fence-sitting independents, we never have been.

Remember that Reagan won over moderates and independents because he spoke to them conservative principles that they could identify with. NOT because he watered down the message to make it more their flavor.

What we are seeing in New Jersey, Virginia and NY-23 and soon around the country is the people returning to their conservative roots.   We're seeing a revolution. [...]

I kind of like this Revolution.

STACLU: Palin on Scozzafava’s withdrawal

Palin comes out of this one shining like the star she is. She came out early and went with principled stance instead of the party tow like some. Suddenly, however, certain folks are singing different tunes like “Johnny come Lately.” However, Palin’s been on the winning side early, and now takes the advantage to call for the right thing…unity! [...]

We discussed this on an earlier post.

See these as well: The New Reagan - Sarah Palin ; Sarah Palin Scares the Hell Out of the Leftinistra ; Palin and Bachmann Endorses Hoffman ; Palin Has No Gloves - The Leftinistra Tremble.

One more for the road, folks:

Jim Hoft: Shocker. Scozzafava Urges Supporters to Vote for Democrat

Any surprises here?  And that IDIOT Frank Rich said what about the GOP Civil War?  What about a Republican all of a sudden voting for and endorsing a Democrat, you ignorant futz?

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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