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Don't Pay For Abortion and The Goons Will Come and Play

Ezra Klein: The $900 billion mistake

Barack Obama has not given much in the way of specifics for health-care reform. Few policies have been nonnegotiable and virtually none have been dictated. The exception is a number that was neither nonnegotiable nor dictated, but was received on the Hill as if it was both, and has come to dominate the health-care reform process: $900 billion. [...]

Steve Benen / Washington Monthly: STUPAK STARTS MAKING THREATS

Remember when it seemed as if the fight over public-private competition in health care threatened to derail the entire effort? That was so two weeks ago. Now, it's abortion.

Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) was able to get his odious amendment through the House, but it's unlikely to do as well in the Senate, especially after President Obama signaled his desire to see it changed. It led the Michigan Democrat to start making threats today. [...]

Pat Dollard: “Hell To Pay” If Abortion Ammendment Removed From Bill

Bart Stupak is now a household name thanks to the amendment he sponsored to the House health care bill that bears his moniker. The House approved his amendment to de-fund abortions in the government-run health care program and he is warning abortion advocates not to remove it.

Pro-Life lawmakers teamed up with Stupak, a Michigan Democratic congressman, for the amendment to stop abortion funding in the public option and affordability credits.

However, as they and pro-life groups expected beforehand, abortion advocates have threatened to remove the amendment in the conference committee that produces the final bill both the House and Senate will eventually have to approve.

Stupak warns them not to do that. [...]

Screw the abortion dweebs.

So, we have a $900 BILLION Obama mistake and now we have morons saying they will strip the unconstitutional federal health care Bill of the Stupakk amendment.  Amazing.  It is OK to kill the unborn but it isn't OK to win a war.

So, we have two problems and then Obama says...

Video: Obama announces a “jobs summit”

Is the unemployment way over 8% because of the Obama mistakes?  It is now close to 17.5%, me lads.  Is this why he wants to do a December Jobs deal?  Why December?  What about November?  Idiots.  Here's the dumbass...

How about this one?  Oh Brother… Obama Now Claims He’s “Created or Saved One Million Jobs” (Video)

Here we go again with the pretend saved jobs caused by a mere nothing.

So he wants to induce the Labor Leaders?  Like the Teamsters?  Judas H Priest.

Lee Cary at American Thinker has an excellent study on this job crack up by Obama: The President's December Job Summit

Obama’s planned December Jobs Summit is exactly what a community organizer would do.

Today, President Obama announced that he would host a Jobs Summit in December.  The question, he said, is – How do we add jobs and grow the economy?  It’s pretty clear to the conscious that the President hasn’t a clue how to grow the economy. And, every day more of us suspect that job growth isn’t even part of his agenda for the next few years. [...]

Community Organizer...and that's all Obama knows about and if one were to look at South Chicago where he did all of his organizing, one wil see one of the highest crime rates and murder counts in the USA.  Good job.  I wonder if he will do this in Chicago?

Here's more on that stimulus schimulus deal: Porkulus job numbers “wildly exaggerated”: Boston Globe?

Yes.  See here.  Stimulus Schimulus.  Yes we spoke of this earlier, like yesterday.  And because of all of this weirded out Obama new math, Obama does what?  Disses our Troops in the field because of some odd Afghanistan corruption (likie we don't have our own that is out of hand) and then?

Obama Invokes Limited Government

This is double priceless. What does a flailing White House do when it doesn't have the answers and it wants to put up a good front on the way out the door to Asia? Obviously, the Czars aren't working, so let's have us a jobs summit. What a joke. [...]

WTF?  Obama.  A corrupt ASSHAT.

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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