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The Bowing Moron In the Marxist House...He's An ASSHAT

What in the world is this moron doing?

Andrew Malcolm / Top of the Ticket: How low will he go?  Obama gives Japan's Emperor Akihito a wow bow

How low will the new American president go for the world's royalty?

This photo will get Democrat President Obama a lot of approving nods in Japan this weekend, especially among the older generation of Japanese who still pay attention to the royal family living in its downtown castle. Very low bows like this are a sign of great respect and deference to a superior.

To some in the United States, however, an upright handshake might have looked better. Remember Michelle Obama casually patting Britain's Queen Elizabeth on the back during their Buckingham Palace visit? America's royalty tends to make movies and get bad reviews and lots of money as a sign of respect. [...]

Ed at HA: Flashback: NYT blasts Clinton for … almost bowing to Akihito

Both Allahpundit and I referenced this blast from the past at the time Barack Obama bowed to Abdullah earlier this year.  It’s worth posting again, not just because Obama pulled another boneheaded protocol violation and bowed to an emperor, but in this case bowed to the same emperor with whom Bill Clinton almost committed the same protocol violation.  Douglas Jehr, in a 1994 New York Times report, made it clear that had Clinton actually executed a full bow, it would have destroyed a precedent dating to the founding of the Republic: [...]

Just say it, Hot Air...Obama is an ASSHAT.  I'll repeat: OBAMA IS AN ASSHAT.  Damn.  Just say it.

Ace: Here We Go Again With Obama Bowing And Scraping

No one is saying that Obama is an ASSHAT yet except for me.

Chicago Ray: More Bowing From Obama..This Time in Japan

I've never seen a US president kiss the asses of the leaders around the world or at least leaders in name only which Obama himself fits within nicely as much as this guy has over the past nine months.. Sure other presidents do this stuff, except if I remember correctly Obama did not bow to the Queen, so why the hell is he bowing to a Japanese Prime Whatever TF they call him? [...]

No ASSHAT?  Come on Ray.  I KNOW you know he is an ASSHAT.  Just say it.

Macsmind: President "O-Bow" to Anyone

[...] This is expected of a gutless wonder, a child king with big talk but little action.   A fooking disgrace to Americans everywhere he treads. [...]

That was ALMOST an ASSHAT but, come on folks.  Just say it.  Here's the ASSHAT in a video:

Go ahead.  Tell me that wasn't a bow.  Even the saudi crowd was laughing at this ASSHAT.

Scott / Power Line: Why is this man bowing?

We criticized Barack Obama when he bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia.  Americans do not bow to royalty.  When the royal is the ruling tyrant of a despotic regime, the wrong is compounded.  Obama's bowing to the King was deeply offensive. [...]

Why is he bowing?  Well, besides the fact that all he is is a community organizer and sucked at that, now he is a total ASSHAT.  There is no need to criticize the flake.  Call him an ASSHAT and get on with the program.  Maybe the media will pick that up.  It sure will piss off the libtards across the Great Divide.

Jim Hoft: He Did It Again… Obama Gives Japanese Emperor a Waiter Bow

What a goof…

Almost an ASSHAT.

Doug Powers: Bowrack Bowbama Strikes Again

[...] If Obama wants to bow to somebody, he should bow to our troops and either send the requested help to Afghanistan, or get them all out of there: [...]

Exactly so my friend but where's the ASSHAT?

Now here's a GREAT article at Chicago Ray but, there is no ASSHAT!  Obama Apologizes To Japan For Hiroshima & Nagasaki.  Another Czarbilini American I'm Sorry Tour.  ASSHAT!

Come on Pamela!  Where's the ASSHAT?  Obama Refuses to Say Bombing Hiroshima Was the 'Right Decision'

Like I have said before, Pamela...where's the ASSHAT!!  Obowa: Another Country, Another Deep Bow

All Obama knows is community organizing.  He has a ZERO balance in any kind of executive anything.

Obama.  ASSHAT!

Here's another great post: Obama Bobs Towards Emperor’s Penis

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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Most excellent and that is 100% correct about Reagan and Obama AIN'T no Reagan!!

November 14, 2009 | Registered CommenterMark "Snooper" Harvey
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