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It Didn't Take Long, Did It? The Obama Bow Syndrome

Kathy Kattenburg / The Moderate Voice: The Yokels Are At It Again

Once again, Barack Obama has demonstrated his appalling hatred for America, and his elitism, and his arrogance, and his tearing down and bashing of his country and his predecessor's foreign policies, by greeting Japan's prime minister with a deep bow in a culturally appropriate way. [...]

Video: 46 handshakes, one bow

I don't need the "OBS" thing now because I already have it here: The Bowing Moron In the Marxist House...He's An ASSHAT.  And he IS an ASSHAT!  However...

It didn’t take too long for the Left to defend Barack Obama’s bow to Emperor Akihito yesterday by claiming that the President was merely showing cultural sensitivity to the Japanese emperor by deeply bowing.  There’s a couple of problems with that argument.  First, American Presidents do not bow to monarchs, or at least they didn’t through the first 43 Presidents and the 220 years they served as the US head of state. Perhaps a few of them might have done so out of cultural sensitivity when traveling to foreign nations as private citizens, either before or after their terms in office, but not when they represented the United States of America.  Even the New York Times knew better than that in 1994. [...]

And that is overly too blunt.

I prefer ASSHAT.  It's more to the point.

I also tend towards Obama’s Surrender.  The article goes into everything that Obama the ASSHAT has tried to do either by sponsoring Hate America Bills or outright submitting them...all in his 140 days as a Senator.

Obama Bows Again!

[...] Obama is getting more than a few frowns back home. A lot of us who sacrificed for America would like to kick his backside every time he bows to some other world leader. The only reason there is an Emperor of Japan is that 5-Star General Douglas MacArthur decided "to allow Japan to keep its emperor as a ceremonial unifying institution within a nascent democracy." If there was any bowing to be done - it should have been solely on the part of the figure head Emperor (god of Japan) to the leader of the United States. [The LA Times' Full Story] No gasping or bowing allowed! [...]

How Ojigi Works: Is Obama An Idiot Or A Boob For Bowing?

HA!  He is an idiot, a boob and an ASSHAT!

Conservative Blogs Go Nuts Over Obama Bow in Japan and the libtards go all viral over his "quaint gestures".  Morons.

This video is getting more and more prominent as time slips by...

More at Memeorandum...

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Reader Comments (2)

A short curteous bow would have been acceptable but the so called POTUS bending over like he's going for the Emperor's meat whistle is just ridiculous.
Somebody in the Marxist House needs to brush up on social protocol for the HMFIC.

November 15, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterDean

Impeach the ASSHAT. It's that simple.

November 15, 2009 | Registered CommenterMark "Snooper" Harvey
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