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Krauthammer Rips Obama’s Narcissism And “First Pacific President” Lie

Poor Pat Dollard.  Always going in for the kill and all.  OH!  WAIT!

Obama.  Baby [j]esus.

Obama.  ASSHAT.

Here's another idiot:

Christian Schwägerl / Spiegel Online: Obama Has Failed the World on Climate Change

US President Barack Obama came to office promising hope and change.  But on climate change, he has followed in the footsteps of his predecessor George W. Bush.  Now, should the climate summit in Copenhagen fail, the blame will lie squarely with Obama. [...]

Global Warming Climate Change Deteriorating Atmosphere.  There is none of it and Al Gore is a lying ass.  I just wonder when "they" will change the name again.

So, he has "failed" the global warming idiots and he is a baby jesus.  Cool.  And now?  He lied...go figure.

Obama Lied To Europe.  Well, hell.  He lies to the USA every day.  Copenhagen.  No "global warming" there sunshine.

[...] Da bloom has done fell offa da rose. [...]

Poor Czarboe.  He bows to Japan and fails to cover his heart when the National Anthem is played.  Very nice.  Moron.  And them there won't be any conceding the Sovereignty of the USA to the National Union of Asshats, I mean the Useless Nations.

And what about China Pressuring Obama Over Joker Care?  Don't these people listen to al-Reuters and the Assassinated Depressed?  Damn.  Perhaps they heard about the Medicare rationing board?  Perhaps.  Maybe they heard that Czarboe doesn't use twitter?  Perhaps.

Perhaps the entire globe has heard about; When Did Presidents Lose Their Courage??

Perhaps they heard about what I was talking about MONTHS and MONTHS ago about those theoretical "tax breaks" that 95% of Americans were allegedly given and now have to pay back?

First Pacific President.  Obama.  ASSHAT.

Who does this moron think he is kidding?  Does he think that the entire world needs some organizing?  If he thinks that the entire world is the south side of Chicago, we are in deep trouble.  Have you seen the south side of Chicago lately?  It's a murder and rapist haven but, they get GREAT benefits(??).

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