Obama's Civilian National Security Forces CNSF
Tue, November 17, 2009 at 12:01
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A very long time ago, back in June of 2008 I came across a very important piece of information.  Some called me a BHR (Black Helicopter Republican) and you know who you are, don’t you?  Where are you now that we have seen the CNSF attacking all of those that will not accept the ObamaCare, the PelosiCare and the ReidCare quagmires?  Talking about the CNSF?  I thought so.

The full story from my perspective can be found here, Obama’s Brown Shirts - Civilian National Security Forces, and the wealth of knowledge is more than enough to convince the “moderates”…if they are paying attention to the SEIU Goons and all the other Czarboe Regime proponents.  In the concise “dictionary” reveled in that post one will find an Army Times interview where Obama fully disclosed all that he was going to do and what he is doing right now.  Pay attention to every post therein.

Now, we have Pamela Geller in her ever increasing data that I have used for almost forever in my quest to reveal the CNSF.

Obama’s Civilian Army Takes Mighty Scary Turn: Recruiting Military for “green” war

A Green War.  How quaint especially now that global warming climate change deteriorating atmosphere has been shown to be a huge money-grabbing hoax and Al Gore is smack dab in the middle of it all.  Obama?  He’s an idiot.  A smart idiot but still an idiot just the same.  Apollo Alliance.  Remember what Glenn Beck has stated about these thugs?

Disturbing excerpts: …

[…]  green jobs programs—Veterans Green Jobs of Colorado and the Veterans Conservation Corps of Washington state—and the recently launched “Operation Free” campaign that has veterans touring the country to call for federal action on climate change. Veterans Green Jobs runs a 9-week “Home Energy Auditor Training” (HEAT) for veterans, using a rapid, hands-on “military” style of training … […]

And there’s your CNSF.  “Military style training”.  What do they train for?  Warfare?  Black Helicopter Republican?  I don’t think so, pals.  And besides, I am NOT a Republican and haven’t been one since 2006.  The United States Constitution is my guide and not some hammer head that wears his black pajamas to work.  Go read Pamela’s post and get your go-bags packed.  Mine are.  Yours?

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