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Bizarro Comparisons?

lawhawk: Clears Bad Data (Maybe)

Now, this post is all about what we have written here at The Snooper Report in egards to the 875 congressional districts which brought about jobs saved, monies spent and just how good the economy is.  We only have 435 congressional districts.  This brings us to the next post.

Geithner: Economy Is Better By Any Measurement

This morning, in testimony before the Joint Economic Committee, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said that, by any measurement of the strength and stability of the US economy, the economy today is better than it was when Obama took office. Sheesh, tell that to the millions of people who have lost their job since January. [...]

From my previous posts, there are many problems with the theoretically improved economy.  We are at 17% unemployed and that is a double digit Jimmy Carter problem.  How is that better?  And why is the very sad site "correcting" the problems?

That's just too weird to have doing one thing and the tax cheat Geithner saying something else.  Don't these people talk to each other?  Don't answer that one because we already know the answers.

So, what else is going on?

“You Guys Make A Pretty Good Photo Op”: White House Says No Thanksgiving Help For The Troops

Obama Admits Using Troops As Photo Op / Still Diddling As No Afghan decision before Thanksgiving

Obama Tells Troops: “You Guys Make a Pretty Good Photo-Op”

Remember Obama's photo op at Dover?  He's good at the photo ops.  He even practiced his salutes and everything.

Obama’s America vs. America’s America

There's a pretty picture, eh?

[...] The way things have gone here in ‘09 follows this pattern: President Obama gives one of his quarter-hourly speeches and tells us that what he wants is what “the majority of Americans want”. His pants-crapping little minions in what used to be the press then mindlessly repeat whatever their master told them to say. For the left fringe of sanity, this is enough to make a “truth”.

The glitch in the situation comes when someone asks the real “majority of Americans” what they want. One has to wander outside of Washington, Manhattan or Hollywood to pose that question, however. And we all know that no self-respecting hardcore lefty would be caught dead outside any of those three places unless he was in a private trailer on a movie set or safely tucked away in a penthouse hotel suite so he could both literally and figuratively look down on the majority of Americans. [...]

Reminds me of what I have been saying for nearly 30 years!

Emetic of the day

We need not imagine the national uproar that would have ensued had George W. Bush talked to American soldiers the way that the President Obama did today at a U.S. military base in South Korea: [...]


More at Memeorandum...

Just to let y'all know, Geithner was asked to stand down today.  He said no that he wasn't going to.  Typical Democrat.  Here's the video...

GOP Reps Join Dem: Fire Geithner - Holder, Murtha, Rangle Under Fire, As Well

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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