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Gerard Russell: An LA Slimes Mutant

To succeed in Afghanistan, we must fail

Oh, please.  Not another asshat!  I like Pat DOllard's postiing on this one (love their titles): Left-Logic: Afghanistan Is No Longer Our Problem.  "Left-logic"?  Is there such a thing?

Now, if this idiot had researched what Fred Thompson said today, or yesterday, it woud have made sense.  The problem with Afghanistan is The One and his inability to make any kind of decsion.  This LA Times article is nothing more revealing than the idiot that serves as the Ambassador there that is at odds with the military.  Beiing a failed community organizer is not going to fix Afghanistan nor is it going to fix our Nation.

Just for the hell of it all, here is Fred Thompson's video...

Fred Thompson on Afghanistan: Fred Thompson: Afghan war 'has been lost' which I wrote about here: Club Gitmo Terrorists, Osama bin Laden and Afghanistan.

And, placing his quote which a scathing rant to the uselessness of The One follows...

“It really doesn’t matter how President Obama divides the Afghan baby, how he splits the difference between McChrystal and Biden. Because the war has been lost,” Thompson said on his radio show today. “I say this because of one sad and simple fact. The president does not have the will and determination to do what’s necessary to win it. His heart’s not in it, and never has been. The Taliban knows it. Al Qaeda knows it. Our allies know it. And the American people know it."

Read that one again and again until it finally sinks in.

The LA Times article was written by an Obamatard and has no useful information and sounds like a quack or a child of a quack from the Vietnam days.  It's sad.  Here's a taste:

[...] Foreign governments can advise. They can set certain conditions for their aid money, which should be simple and apolitical -- an anti-corruption commission, for example. And once they no longer have ownership of the Afghan government, they will be able to enforce those conditions more effectively.

But the Afghan government must be in the lead, clearly in charge, free to make its own political decisions and to learn its own lessons. And that is what the Afghan people must see.

In the long run, rather than the U.S. putting in more troops, it might have a greater effect by putting them out of harm's way. And it might succeed best by failing first. [...]

The really sad part of this?  He is with the United Nations and since when did anything good ever come from that useless organization?  Their first outing was the Korean War (police action) and just look at what that has brought to the world.

[...] Gerard Russell, a fellow at the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government, has worked in Afghanistan since 2007, most recently as senior advisor to former U.N. official Peter Galbraith. [...]

OMG!  The entire article is written like he's an asshat because he is.

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
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