The HIC - Hoax In Charge Going To Copenhagen
Wed, November 25, 2009 at 8:30
Mark "Snooper" Harvey in Global Warming, Obama Going to Copenhagen

Just a few moments ago Fox News confirmed that The Hoaxer, Obama, is going to Copenhagen.  Remember, he was originally going to turn over US Sovereignty over to the Useless Nations.

Check these out:

Worm Fart Study - The Global Warming Myth Continues - US sovereignty and the Climate Summit - Global Warming In Copenhagen Is Dead...For Now - The Fraud of Al Gore: Sen Inhofe On The Trail - evidently, no one talks to Obama about the global warming hoaxed emails.  Also, Obama had said that he wasn't going to Copenhagen and now he is?  Odd, that, eh?  I wonder what The Goracle is doing these days?  It's too bad the the fraudulent news organization is providing the details on this: President Obama Will Go to Copenhagen for Climate Change Summit.

Thanks again, President Bush

Bush was dead right to oppose the Kyoto Climate Treaty. [...]

We knew it then, didn't we?  I suppose Obama isn't Bush III here.

George Monbiot (the original moonbat) is shaken, not stirred

Idiot moonbats.

Media Ignores Climategate Even as NASA Is Dragged Into the Scandal

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Update on Wed, November 25, 2009 at 10:03 by Registered CommenterMark "Snooper" Harvey

Obama to Attend International Junk Science Meeting on Non-Existent Global Warming

Obama Going to Copenhagen

Obama has decided he will go to Copenhagen to help decide how much of America’s wealth will be looted and given away: [...]

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CBO Projects Congressional Climate Change Bills Will DAMAGE ECONOMY

So goes Obama...into the toilet.

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