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Dubai Or Not To Be Dubai

Paul Krugman: Rashomon in the desert

Dubai or not Dubai — that is the question.  Dubai's sorta-kinda default (a state-owned enterprise seeking a rescheduling of its debts) is, by itself, not that big of a deal.  But who else looks like Dubai?  What kind of omen is this for the next stage in the financial crisis? [...]

Krugman is an ass but we'll get into that later.

Big Government: Dubai Default Throws World Markets into Disarray

Check out their podcast on the Dubai deal.  It blows Krugman out the window.

American Thinker: Does Dubai debt crisis signal trouble for emerging economies?

The markets are worried that it does. Many central banks are propping up their economies the same way the Fed is doing; pumping cash into the system to keep credit markets from going into a deep freeze. This causes doubts in investors - especially now that the once seemingly solid Dubai economic standing has melted away. [...]

Melted asway?  With all of that "good financing"?  Just like the United States is doing at this very moment?

[...] Many analysts are still bullish on emerging markets since they have the potential to grow at fantastic rates and bring investors a large return. But the Dubai bubble has others worried that it may be just the tip of the iceberg and that it wouldn't take much for the edifice to come crashing down, taking a lot of economies that had invested in the Emirates with them. [END]

The "ediface" to come crashing down?  Just like the United States is doing at this very moment?

My take?  I do believe that Obama Watching the Dubai Debt To See If He Can Match It seeing that he apparently despises our complete system and is eagerly looking to destroy this Nation.  Now, back to Krugman.

[...] At the moment, I’m leaning to a combination of two and three. For what it’s worth (not much), US bond prices are up right now, suggesting that the Dubai thing hasn’t raised expectations of default.

Anyway, we continue to live in interesting times. [END]

Have you heard of anything that stupid?  First, he has no idea and cannot tell that Obama is watching to see what's coming next because the American economy, thanks to the Obamabots, just like Krugman (conservative my ass), is watching to see how so much "financing" is causing this horrendous meltdown.  Second, let's look at some more Krugman speacials...

I Don't Know How to Succinctly Headline This, But Let's Just Say Paul Krugman is a Lying Asshole

The idiot is a theoretical "conservative" but he is attacking the anti-Obama crowds.  Sounds just like a conservative.  Right?

Americans Agree: Paul Krugman’s a Tool

[...] Yeah, Krugman won a Nobel Prize, but so did Al Gore. You get the feeling that the Nobel committee votes under a big picture of Karl Marx every year?

So, Paul, thanks for your dismissive psycho-hippie garbage, but we’ll continue to think for ourselves.

Much to the chagrin of you and the rest of the Writers Collective back there in Manhattan, I’m sure. Now get back in the office and play a little Comradespank with Mo Dowd. [...]

Battling Krugmania

[...] The rhetorical charge in the MSM has been led by newly minted Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman, who plies his trade in the reality vacuum known as the New York Times Opinion page. The most tragic outcome of the demise of print media will be the fact that we can no longer enjoy watching puppies and birds crap on the drivel that is regurgitated by the opinionistas at the Times. It’s about the only thing that ever freshens up the stale hippie babble that is offered forth there daily. [...]

And, shall we never forget this one that the flake conservative fraud bastard said here?

Krugman: Conservative Media Caused Holocaust Museum Shooting

Remember that?  And who and what did that?  A leftard did that shooting.

Paul Krugman is a shameless scumbag

I realize there are plenty of shameless lying shills tossing whatever lingers of their reputations out the window to support the Obama, but Paul Krugman astounds. He has an article today explaining that while $9 Trillion in debt may sound like a lot, it's not a big deal and we'll all be fine. No reason to panic or stop shoveling money out of the Treasury on socialized medicine and other gargantuan spending debacles. Just follow the savior and we will reach the progressive promised land. [...]

The Krugman Crib Sheet

[...] My eyes swim and move on to something else when either he or Tom Friedman (as someone else also points out) start in on the whole China thing. Yes, we get that the Chinese are aggressive and don’t play fair. Yes, we’re buying too much of their crap and not sending enough of our own crap over there. Now, short of starting a trade war, what are we really supposed to do about it? Getting ma and pa kettle in this country to go without their knick-knacks from Wal-Mart is making some headway this year, but it hasn’t exactly slowed the flow of goods into this country, now has it? [END]

In other words, shut the hell up Krugman.  You bother me and you are no more a conservative than Walter Mondale.  Ask that idiot Beckel that ran the worst campaign in American history.  I suppose Fox News is the only one that carries him because he is so dumb.

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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