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Here We Go Again: BUSH DID IT!

Scott Shane / New York Times: Senate Report Explores 2001 Escape by bin Laden From Afghan Mountains

WASHINGTON — As President Obama vows to “finish the job” in Afghanistan by sending more troops, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee has completed a detailed look back at a crucial failure early in the battle against Al Qaeda: the escape of Osama bin Laden from American forces in the Afghan mountains of Tora Bora in December 2001. [...]

Here we go again.  Seeing that the Obama Rezidency is so under the bus and his worthlessness is so abounding, we have another group of Marxist-sociopaths coming up with oh all of a sudden attention.  President Bush did some horribleness that I have ranted on forever but he never did lose Osama bin Laden.  Clinton did that all on his own, several times.

Macsmind: Bush Lost Bin Laden?

Jack Moss is claiming "old news".  Why?  Because it is "old news" and to top it all off, it is wrong old news.  We have discussed this over and over and over again but, we have to do what we have to do.  This Bush Lost Osama is nothing more than a huge distraction to take attention  away from the useless promulgate of Obama.

[...] Didn't need a "Senate Report", most of this was known a long time ago, which makes Kerry an opportunistic idiot.   He's been talking up the "Obama lost in Tora Bora" crap since the 2004 election, and this "staffer report" is as transparent as his marriage to Teresa.

Just ahead of Obama's "What I'm going to do about Afghanistan" speech this week,  he's giving Obama an opportunity to bash Bush once more.    Here's the script.  We didn't get Bin Laden, thus, Al Qaeda was able to reconstitute, thus we have a problem in Afghanistan that only - of course - Obama can fix! [...]

Horse puckies.  Obama can't fix Afghanistan even if his life depended on it.  It isn't in his Marxist-sociopathic ways and means to fix something that he is all for, seeing that he is in fact a Jiahdist scum with no birth certificate.

Fact: was Osama in Afghanistan at the time?  No one knows.  Period.  Had we had more Troops in the area at the time, perhaps we could have found out.  One thing is for sure...we will never know and these Marxist-sociopsthic designs are mere distractions.  Again, it is old news and the news belongs to that idiot John f'n Kerry.

There is another report at NYDaily News but it is much the same as the other story.

So, what is this story about?  See the following articles:

Time to Pass The Buck and Start Pointing Fingers: Obama Living Up to His Absentee Legislator Past

Obama.  An effete futz.

  1. Trying Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in Criminal Court.  Arguably one of the most detrimental legal and foreign policy decisions of our time, and Obama openly admits it wasn’t his call – it was an underling’s call – Eric Holder.  It was a terrible decision and, as Senator Lindsey Graham pointed out, an unprecedented decision.  While I doubt Obama sat purely on the sidelines on this decision, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that someone other than Obama has to take responsibility for this decision – good or bad.  And when it goes bad, then Obama will simply dump Holder.  Problem solved.
  2. Health Care.  What’s a President to do when he is devoid of any significant legislation to his name?  Allow the most significant piece of legislation in the last 40 years to be written and managed by others.  Literally.   Before us is the biggest makeover of the relationship of the private sector and government since the Great Depression and Obama is merely a passenger on a bus being driven by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.  When it fails the American people, and it will, Obama will rightfully claim it wasn’t his bill.  Such is the prerogative of an Absentee President.
  3. The Stimulus Bill.  It’s failing.  Indeed, over 3 million jobs have been lost since the Stimulus Bill was passed – a bill laden with pork because its passage was driven by someone other than Obama (not to say he would have passed a trimmed down bill).  Beyond that, we find out that the AIG bailout money was misspent – who would have thought?  Since the President can’t be in charge of such failures, and Obama can’t blame Pelosi or Reid,  the fall guy will be Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner – because, in time, simply blaming President Bush won’t be effective anymore.
  4. The November Elections.  Even though Obama went and put his personal prestige on the line for New Jersey Governor Corzine, Corzine was soundly beat – as was the Democrat candidate in Virginia – a race Obama wouldn’t touch.  But those results, according to Obama, had nothing to do with him – those were races with local implications not national influences.

And what about Obama's lack of direction here?  Is he caught between his community organizing skills...if he had any?  Sure he is.  And, what about this?

Throwing Our Military Under The Bus

I have said this many times and I will say it again...David Zublick doesn't write a lot but when he does it is dead nuts on track.

The ditherer-in-chief will finally announce to our military and the rest of the world his decision regarding General McChrystal's request for additional troops in Afghanistan this Tuesday.

After months of keeping the fine men and women serving our country twisting in the wind, Barack Obama has at last made up his mind. It is estimated that he will elect to give McChrystal roughly 30,000 to 35,000 of the 40,000 troops McChrystal requested. The top U.S. and NATO commander in Afghanistan had warned in an urgent, confidential assessment of the war that he needed more forces within the next year and had bluntly stated that without them, the eight-year conflict would likely result in failure. [...]

[...] What a disgrace to our nation. [END]

Obama is in fact a miserable disgrace to this Nation as 90% of all democrats and DIDs.  So, this "old news" means very little to anyone but the morons on the Senate Panel.

See here for a 2006 expose on the Missed Opportunities to Capture Osama bin Laden.  The article takes you all the way back to June of 1995 all the way up to 9/8/06.  Look at those details and you tell me if Bush lost anybody.

Here's another distraction the Obamabots want us all to forget...


A little over a week ago, the Putnam County Courier joined the list of regional newspapers that have begun asking serious questions about Porkulus job accounting.  The Courier goes as far as to call the “saved or created” claims of the Obama administration “Recovery.con,” in its headline.  Michael Brendan Dougherty finds many of the same kinds of fraud that newspapers around the nation have in the claims by the White House of stimulus success: [...]

The Porkulus Stimulus Jobs Created falderal of The One is in deep trouble.  SO much so, PelosiCo wants a Stimulus II.  SO, where in the hell is all the money for all of this?  It certainly isn't in the CONSTITUTIONAL manner in which to finance a war, is it?

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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