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Conservative v Liberal: Ouch

Washington Post: Today's GOP is both united and divided

Opposition to Obama is strong, but Republicans are split on GOP's direction and leaders  —  The Republican rank and file is largely in sync with GOP lawmakers in their staunch opposition to efforts by President Obama and Democrats to enact major health-care legislation, but a new Washington Post poll also reveals deep dissatisfaction among GOP voters with the party's leadership as well as ideological and generational differences that may prove big obstacles to the party's plans for reclaiming power.  [...]

There Are Liberals, and There Are Nutjobs

We’ve all seen it, heard it, and had our brains wracked by them. I’m talking about people who are not “liberal”; are not “open-minded.” Personally, I try very hard to understand their arguments, and why they’re making them. Are they interested in facts, or partisan electioneering? Are they interested in discussion or cramming an ideology down my throat?

A “liberal” is someone who is open-minded, understanding, comes with open-arms, and seeks discussion and compromise. Then…there are these people: [...]

I have posted this video before but here it is again just for this artilce.

How Do You Measure Integrity?

Well, right off the bat here, one does not count on any integrity coming from anyone that violates the United States Constitution, period.  Name me one democrat and one DID that doesn't violate the Constitution and I'll shut up...maybe.

The term "kleptocracy" is applied to a government that extends the personal wealth and political power of its own officials and the ruling class via the embezzlement of state funds at the expense of the wider population, sometimes without even the pretense of honest service. That sounds pretty close to what we have in America today.

Have you ever seen so much in-your-face corruption being dangled in front of you? It's as though elective office were an entitlement which, once achieved, gave the holder veto power over the laws the rest of us must abide by. Just about every week, there's another news article about some elected or appointed official caught using his influence to rip off the American public. We can assume that there are many more that just haven't been caught yet.  [...]

Stimulus.  Clunkers.  Bail outs.  Name me one item of integrity that doesn't violate the United States Constitution.  Just one.  Try it.

Publius at STACLU...catch the podcast: Publius Forum Podcast: Why Conservatives Can’t Get Elected

Leftists Reduced to Childish Whining Amid Obama-Democratic Epic Failures

James B. Webb's incessant and whiney trolling got me to thinking about how, nearly a year into the Obama administration, the radical left is still obssessed with the Bush administration, and the GOP remains the constant scapegoat for whatever happens to be the Democratic epic fail of the day.

At one of my White House gatecrasher posts yesterday, crazed JBW left a comment so totally off topic to be mind boggling:

With respect, a Republican administration is responsible for the current recession, our two open-ended and unfunded overseas wars and adding trillions to the federal deficit. The current level of outrage on the right over government spending was virtually nonexistent for eight full years before Obama took office and I find it to be the height of partisan hypocrisy.

That just creates one of those, yawn, "yeah right" moments... [...]

[...] Dumb Democrats, JBW too. [END]

Go read Doug's article and then come back and read mine on Liberal Pathology and then Democrats and Terrorists.  Then tell me just how screwed up the libtards are, OK?

Leftist psychologists prove that a conservative is someone who has been mugged by reality

It was of course Irving Kristol who first said that a neoconservative is someone who has been mugged by reality and it was some NYC police chief decades back who said that “A conservative is a liberal who got mugged last night”

So it comes as no surprise that two psychologists have just done some research which showed that people warmed to GWB and military spending after 9/11. The 9/11 events were a rather large lump of reality. And both GWB and military spending offered some prospect of coping with it.

The psychologists concerned explained their results by some babble about “motivated social cognition” but I think Irving Kristol’s formulation is a lot simpler and clearer. I have in any case dealt with the “motivated social cognition” nonsense in psychology some time back.

The article is “Conservative Shift among Liberals and Conservatives Following 9/11/01″ by Paul R. Nail & Ian McGregor. The journal abstract is below:

Political orientation and political attitudes were measured in two independent adult samples. One sample was taken several months before the terrorist attacks on 9/11/01; the other, shortly after. Liberal and conservative participants alike reported more conservative attitudes following 9/11/01 than before. This conservative shift was strongest on two items with the greatest relevance to 9/11/01: George W. Bush and Increasing Military Spending. Marginally significantconservative shifts were observed on two other items (Conservatives, Socialized Medicine), and the direction of change on eight of eight items was in aconservative direction. These results provide support for the motivated social cognition model of conservatism (Jost et al., 2003) over predictions derived from terror management theory (e.g., Greenberg et al., 1992).

WOW!  Liberal Pathology.  Democrats in Drag (alleged republicans).  Democrats and Terrorists.  Same-same and all speak the same language - America sucks.  Why then, don't they just frikkin' leave the Nation because the vast majority of this Nation understand what the United States Constitution states and says all so clearly and it most certainly does not represent some Marxist-sociopathic tendencies.

The reason that Jon Cohen and Dan Balz are flat out screwed up is because they are libtards and there are no libtards that have a straight enough head on their shoulders to figure anything out.  They completely disregard the United States Constitution and have no clue.  What they fail to see are the DIDs - Democrats In Drag - within the Republican Party (John McCain, Lindsey Graham and others oif that ilk) and the vast majority of the GOP see them as I do...evict them all.

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly


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