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Cop Killer In Washington Now Cornered

News of this incident are still coming and it seems that the suspect is holed up in his house.  News of Huckabee's paroling this cretiin is making the swings as well.  Methinks Huckabee's 2012 run for President is over.  I never liked the guy anyway.


The senseless and savage execution of police officers in Washington State has saddened the nation, and early reports indicate that a person of interest is a repeat offender who once lived in Arkansas and was wanted on outstanding warrants here and in Washington State. [...]

Dan Riehl: Huckabee's Disgraceful, Cowardly Press Release

Huckabee is such a scheming coward, he didn't even put out his own statement on the clemency he granted Maurice Clemmons. It was released by his "Press Team". And no where is there an apology given, they don't even mention Clemmons by name. This is truly pathetic for a man who once fashioned himself as a leader. [...]

JWF: Wonderful: Huckabee Pardoned Suspected Washington Cop Killer

Last week Mike Huckabee hinted he probably won't be running for President in 2012. Well, he can permanently shelve any further political aspirations. [...]

Gabriel Malor at Ace: Suspected Police Assassin is Cornered by Police

Apparently, they tracked Maurice Clemmons to a house in east Seattle around 8:00pm last night, but they haven't moved on him yet. My friend @redhk, who lives a few blocks away from the scene, says the police helicopters hovered all night. A thorough round up is here, including witness statements from the crime that I hadn't seen anywhere else. [...]

New York Times: Man Said to Be Cornered in Tacoma Shooting

LAKEWOOD, Wash. — A man suspected of gunning down four uniformed officers was cornered in a Seattle home early Monday and the police said he might have died from a gunshot wound, according to news reports. [...]

lawhawk: Suspect In Washington Cop Killings Surrounded

Maurice Clemmons is no longer just a person of interest in the murder of four Lakeland, Washington police officers. He's the main suspect and his home in Seattle has been surrounded by police. The police think he may be injured or even dead as hostage negotiators are thus far unable to contact Clemmons. [...]

Watch Huckabee…PLEASE!

In my book, Gov. Mike Huckabee has one redeeming quality politically. He is an ardent supporter of the Fair Tax. I don’t know any politician, outside of Rep. John Linder, who vocally supports the Fair Tax more than Huckabee.

Other than that, I really have no use for him.


And that’s why I want you to watch his show on Fox News. I know that sounds contradictory, but let me explain. [...]

Macranger: What the Huck? Huckabee not Responsible for Clemmon's Act

[...] While politically I'm not a fan of Huckebee, it's silly to blame him for the vile acts of this individual.  If we want to follow the cause and effect of that logic we should blame the judge in Pierce County that set a bond on Clemmons.

The fact is that our justice system has such breakdowns isn't surprising, and neither is taking this awful situation to take pot-shots at Huckabee.   There is lots of blame to go around but right now the families of four dead police officers grieve, and Clemmons is on the loose. [...]

Doug Powers: Huckabee Commuted Sentence of Suspected Washington Cop Killer

If Mike Huckabee was a 2012 presidential hopeful, the fact that he granted clemency to an apparently career criminal who is now suspected of murdering four police officers in Washington yesterday morning might have put an end to that. [...]

[...] Don’t forget, this is the same “criminal justice system” through which the Obama administration wants to process Khalid Sheikh Mohammed & Company. [...]

Michelle Malkin: Violent felon granted clemency by Huckabee now sought in Lakewood, WA police ambush; Update: Huck PAC posts statement; Update: SWAT team surrounds Clemmons’ family home

I linked to Michelle yesterday but there's the link anyway.  See my previous posting: BREAKING: Four Police Officers Assassinated in Coffee Shop Ambush.

Hopefully this puke is dead already but we shall see shortly.

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
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