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Nidal Hasan’s calling card explained

See Michelle Malkin's post and Pamela Geller.  They explain the SOA, Soldiers of Allah, which is exactly what this Hasan Jihadi is.

[...] You have to view this segment of the Meet the Press interview with Army chief of staff General George Casey to believe it — to believe that our army could be led by someone as incompetent in national security matters as this man showed he was, first by claiming that the army hadn’t “missed anything” in regard to the in-your-face warning signs exhibited by Major Hasan that he was a fanatical Muslim jihadist and an imminent threat to massacre our troops, by admitting that the army’s diversity policies had trumped its security policies, and worst of all by making this statement: ‘As horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse.’” [...]

Typical moonbat speak.  Diversity is just one more link in the missing link to Marxism.

Mike's America has the Remembering the Fort Hood Shooting Victims up for all to see.  The libocrats care nothing about these Troops and the amabO is traveling to Fort Hood tomorrow for the funeral ceremonies.  Ought to be a real hoot.


Just had to throw that one in here.  Hasan IS the "shooter" and IS the Jihadi scum bag.

Scott at FA: When Muslims Commit Violence

[...] QUESTION: Why isn’t the same standard of inquiry and criticism given to Christians and Muslims? [END]

Pamela Geller: Obama Succumbs to Relentless Patriot Pressure and Lowers the Flag ...No Respect for our War Dead, Just Respect Islam

The White House did not lower the flags to half mast... until a woman got on their case and wouldn't let up. The biggest attack on the largest military base, and the America hater in the White House can't see fit to lower flags. He'll run the Chicom flag up the flagpole, but he can't bring himself to respect the righteous men and women who lay down their lives every day so that he can play basketball with Reggie every afternoon. [...]

We saw this while we were in DC.  Why aren't the Flags going to half mast already?  Many Flags in the area were already at half-mast but not at the Capital or at the Marxist House.  I suppose if there was a Muslim Flag around it would already be there.  Full story here: What a woman can do.

Here's another killer...

Pamela Geller: 18-year-old ‘mentored’ by Nidal Malik Hasan says Fort Hood Victims Got What They Deserved

The government has one job, ONE, to defend this nation - everything else they do and take from us is the booty that they have stolen from the American people. Recklessly we let them because, first and foremost, they have kept us safe. Until now.

No more.

Why are these Muslim invaders allowed to carry on freely in this country - protected by outreach, Obama, and PC mental illness. Sharia law must be outlawed. JIHAD must be outlawed and criminalized severely. If adherents to Islam won't reform their deadly, violent ideology, then they can't stay here. ZERO TOLERANCE FOR JIHAD. Let them destroy themselves in their own countries.

With four out of five mosques in the US preaching hate, mosques must be monitored. This is the defining issue of our time. There will be a rout in 2010 and 2012 -- the right best get behind a leader that gets it. And will fight it unafraid. It's two minutes after midnight. [...]

Screw Islam.  Screw the Moozies.  Screw the One.

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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