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Is ReidCoCare Dead In The Senate?

Robert Pear / New York Times: Lieberman Rules Out Voting for Health Bill

In a surprise setback for Democratic leaders, Senator Joseph I. Lieberman, independent of Connecticut, said on Sunday that he would vote against the health care legislation in its current form. [...]

He doesn't care that the whole thing is unconstitutional, right?  Right.

[...] The bill’s supporters had said earlier that they thought they had secured Mr. Lieberman’s agreement to go along with a compromise they worked out to overcome an impasse within the Democratic Party.

But on Sunday, Mr. Lieberman told the Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, to scrap the idea of expanding Medicare and abandon any new government insurance plan or lose his vote.

On a separate issue, Mr. Reid tried over the weekend to concoct a compromise on abortion that would induce Senator Ben Nelson, Democrat of Nebraska, to vote for the bill. Mr. Nelson opposes abortion. Any provision that satisfies him risks alienating supporters of abortion rights. [...]

And there you have it.  Not a single word on the USC.  Good news there, Skippy.

The Huffington Post: Lieberman Tells Reid To His Face, He'll Vote Against Current Health Care Bill

Senator Joseph Lieberman (I-Conn.) informed Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) in a face-to-face meeting on Sunday that he will vote against a health care bill that includes a public option or a provision that would expand Medicare, a Democratic Senate aide tells the Huffington Post.

The two senators had a discussion in Reid's office shortly after Lieberman appeared on CBS's Face the Nation Sunday morning. The Connecticut independent discussed with Reid some of his concerns about the legislation, elaborating on issues he had raised during the show. According to the source, who was briefed on the exchange, Lieberman punctuated the discussion by telling the majority leader directly that he will vote against the bill if the Medicare buy-in and public option provisions remain in it. Roll Call reports that Lieberman said he would also support a Republican filibuster of legislation that included these provisions.

"Leadership was definitely a bit surprised with the lines being drawn in the sand the way they were," said the source. "We expected that he would say critical things about [the bill]. But he is not even giving us a chance to get it scored." [...]

Isn't this all so typical?  The United States Constitution?  Who needs one of those?

Apparently, the Senate's unconstitutional Bill is done and over with.  But, let's not put all our roses in the same vase, OK?  One never knows what kind of weekend crap is going to take place.  There are several more weekends until Jan 1.

[...] "It is not on the table at this point," the source said. "We are still trying to go through regular order." [END]

So, the entire article doesn't even talk about the "regular order" as being constitutional.  Good God Almighty.

Obamacare DOA in the Senate via The Hill plus a special video...Lieberman, Nelson: Public-option compromise still not good enough

There's that "compromise" hootis again.  So, in the enumerated powers of the Congress in the USC, where is that "compromise" kick in?

"I'm concerned that it's the forerunner of single payer, the ultimate single-payer plan, maybe even more directly than the public option," Nelson said on CBS's "Face the Nation."

Lieberman said Democrats should stop looking for a public option "compromise" and simply scrap the idea altogether.

"You've got to take out the Medicare buy-in. You've got to forget about the public option," he said.

If Democrats stick to relying primarily on the bill's subsidies, the legislation would pass easily and with bipartisan support, Lieberman argued. [...]

And, in that article, there is no mention of the USC.  Imagiine that?

60 Senate Healthcare Votes Moves Further Away

All President Obama wants for Christmas is Senate Passage of the Harry Reid Heath care bill. The Democrats are still desperately trying to round up 60 votes for cloture debate to allow a vote/passage of the bill before December 25th.

Today it President Obama moved a bit further from his Christmas present, and the rest of America a bit closer to ours, as some key Senators came out against the bill in its present form. [...]

All Obama and his cabal of dweebs is an unconstitutional Bill.  Period.

I suppose we can just merely write DC off the map and move everyone that lives there to Cuba or someplace equally insane and seems like DC will get federal funding to pay for abortions.  That will make the Climate Deniers that the Goracle believes in very happy seeing that the population in DC will be cut by millions.  Good job (snicker snicker snort snort).  They tried that for the unconstitutional federal health care Bill but apparently it failed as well.

Gee, What Happens When Government Run Health Care Is Running Out Of Money?

Denial of service? Check. Turning people away? Check. Rationing of mammograms? Check. Waiting lists? Check. Government in charge? Check. Poor Turned away from cancer screenings? Check. [...]

No wonder the Bill is failing.  No one wants it because ANYTHING federal is failing everywhere at the moment.  Didn't Margaret Thatcher say at one time, "The trouble with Socialism is, sooner or later you run out of other people's money."?  Yes, she did and here we see it happening before our very eyes.

So, at this moment in time, ReidCoCare is in fact DOA in the Senate and I would imagine ReidCo is crying in his own beer because Pelosi and Obama don't want to hear about it.

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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