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Let's Look Into Harry Reid

Chicago Ray: Senate Spending Bill Contains Billions in Pork, McCain

I wonder where this McCain was way back when.  Shut up, McCain.  You BLEW it!  Good thing Sarah Palin was on your side seeing that she kept you from being the next Republican Walter Mondale.  Perhaps someone on Fox News should tell that idiot Beckel.  I don't know...maybe McCain is right.

More and more money being stolen from the bank accounts of future Americans. I hope all you kids who voted for Obama are ready to work your asses off because people out here and the government you elected are getting fatter and fatter on your future paychecks, me included.

Hope you're all ready to work 20 hour days to make ends meet so we can all live it up like Tiger and Obama..

At least the man who should've been president, John McCain, cut loose on Obama and this senate for passing this 3rd rape of the treasury since Obama took office, so about the only good way of looking at this is that the passage of this raid will amount to more charges when the impeachment of all these people starts after November 2010.

Reid’s Obamcare Compromise Runs Into Stumbling Block

[...] It doesn’t look like they will be able to ram this through by Christmas like they hoped. If it goes into the election year, it could hurt many Democrats and their chances for re-election. It’s not a popular idea with the American people. This election year isn’t looking good for the Democrats, especially factoring in the President’s approval rating dropping like a rock. [...]

Good job you Marxist-sociopaths!  The Abyss of Obscurity is coming!

Wall Street Journal: The ‘Cost Control’ Bill of Goods

How Peter Orszag and the White House sold a health-care illusion.  ObamaCare's core promise—better quality care for everyone at lower costs—is being exposed as an illusion as it degenerates into the raw exercise of political power. [...]

Science, Smoking, Healthcare, All Prove Gov’t Can’t be Trusted

Just sit back and let big daddy government show you the way. The Democrat Party is assuring us that they know better because they have science, educated people, doctors, all that “expertise” in their control and further more they “care” about us all and they want us to know that they’d never do anything to lead us astray.

If you feel like the con is about to begin, you are right.

Of course, we don’t need mere suspicion to divine that the Democrats are liars. We can look at what government and Democrats have already done in several related areas — science, smoking and healthcare — to prove that this newest attempt to “help” us is based on lies, smoke and mirrors.

Let us begin with science. In two areas we see the failure that Democrats perpetuate even with science as their justification: global warming and healthcare. [...]

Hasn't Reid said some of this before?  Sure he has.

And ReidCoCare is right in the middle of it all.  So is Pelosi but she is a freak.

Kabuki Theater: White House Now Instructs Reid to Cut Deal with Joe LiebermanMeh Update: White House Denies Pressure

Yes, we have already talked about this but we had better watch our backs on this health care crap.

Mickey Kaus / Kausfiles: Pong, You're Dead: The Dems' Secret Weapon

Sudden Victory: People in the know in Washington appear to have already considered and dismissed the "ping pong" option--the possibility that if the Senate finally passes a compromise health care bill, Pelosi's House might simply vote "yes" on the exact same bill, avoiding the need for a "conference" to reconcile the House and Senate versions and instead sending the bill directly to the President for his signature. But from outside Washington, out here in the real America, this "ratification" route still looks awfully appealing--especially this week. [...]

Get a real job, clown.

Reid.  He's losing.  Obama.  He's losing.  Pelosi.  She's a jerk.

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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