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Obama On Obama: B+

I have reported on this before and I have been culminating some blog posts from the day to place them all (the ones that I monitor) on this article.

Political Pistachio: Obama's View of Obama

Like I said in an earlier article: The B+ Rezident and ReidCoCare: Both Tanking Miserably with the biggie here;  I Am Not Alone: Obama Gets a Frikkin' F.

[...] That all depends.  Is it a B+ for Marxist-sociopathic tomfoolery?  I'd give him an A for the effort.  Is he talking about a B+ for the Nation as a whole including the United States Constitution?  He gets a whopping F. [...]

An F.  B+?  Not hardly.  Not for someone that loves this Nation and loves the United States Constitution.  He might cite the document once in a while but it means nothing to him and especially that other retard Reid.

Obama has nearly quadrupled the failed Bush economic policies(?).  Knock Knock.  Unemployment is at 17.2%.  Knock Knock.  The federal government took over the banks.  Knock Knock.  The federal government took over the car industry.  Knock Knock.  Does anyone see the constitutionality of it all?  A B+?  Judas H Priest.

Here's a Leftist: Agence France Presse: Obama gives himself B+ for first months in office

Go read that pathetic article.  It ends like this: "...Pointing to the Resolute desk -- a 19th century gift from Queen Victoria built from timbers of the British frigate HMS Resolute, Obama noted this is where he usually signs letters to families of US soldiers who died in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

"When you're sitting there signing it, you feel the weight of what you're doing," he said."

OMG.  He gets a B+ for signing letters to families he couldn't care less about.  The article does have some other items in there but I am a Troop and Obama's letters piss me off.


Grading Obama's First Year

Frank J's report card has some problems:

  • Barack didn't bow to the King of Norway
  • Picking on BHO's ears is about as appealing as picking his nose.

Now, if we want to limit the discussion to lefty, Progressive nitwits, BHO weighs in with a "C". His attempt to sound vaguely equipped in the fortitude department at the Peas Prize speech kept him from achieving a full-on beta-male "B".

However, weighed against actual Presidents who were packin' the gear, e.g. George Washington, BHO is a fail of epic proportions. Screw Frank J's "D+ on the curve" nonsense.

The last century of "Theft: it's for the collective good" programs, aided by a de-furred SCOTUS that defers to Congress on every asshat Socialist idea that comes down the pike (first hit free, kids!) leave no room below.


Go to impeachment. Go directly to impeachment. Do not pass "Go", do not collect $2,000,000,000,000 dollars.

Media Agrees: B+.

Obama's Vow to Eliminate Earmarking From Budgets: B+Set to Sign Porked-Up Omnibus Spending Bill With Price Tag of $447 B+True Cost of Bill: $1.1 Trillion

The title says it all.

Al Qaeda's Zawahiri Says Obama of Trying to 'Enslave' Arab World ...ha ha ha (video)

Oh good grief.  Didn't we hear the SAME crap with President Bush?  And that's a B+?

“Welcome To Obamaville”

Goes along with this one:  Welcome To Obamaville and Other Pretentious Obamatisms

Obama Says He Gives ‘Better Gifts’? Don’t Ask the Brits About That One

And that's a B+?  WHAT?

Obama Gives Himself a B+

You know, Mr. President, you may have been following the right path when you decided to keep then American public in the dark regarding your grades, because when they see how you grade yourself, they're all going to laugh at you.

AMEN!  Well, the Jihadis are laughing at him for sure!

Obama: I’d give myself a B+; Update: Video added ... Ed calls it grade inflation!  LOL!!

Cindy Sheehan Tells Obama She Will Camp Out At Washington Monument

THER'S AN "A" RIGHT THERE!  Cindy Sheehan.  Wow!  I betcha Czarboe is going to run right out there and get that "A"!  I am sure there will be more tomorrow.

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