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Dan Pfeiffer / White Blog Feed: The Time for Political Games is Over


When President Obama first took on health insurance reform, he made it clear he hoped to reach out across the aisle to produce a bipartisan plan.  He even kicked off the health reform effort by bringing a wide array of folks from across the political spectrum to the White House to share ideas and find common ground. [...]

That MIGHT be so but, the unconstitutional ass that Obama is, he forgot to mention the Enumerated Powers of the Congress and failed to mention that any federal health care plans are out of the picture for a federal congress and the issue remains in the States to deal with.  He also failed to mention that the federal health care plan CAN be conducted by the Congress if and when the United States Constitution is/was amended to speak about a federally mandated health care plan.  Right?  So much for his "constitutionalism", eh, Pfeiffer?  Moron.

I wonder where morons like this Pfeiffer character come from and from which hen hatch he was hatched in.

[...] For months, though, we've watched as opponents of health reform executed their self-professed strategy to "delay, define, and derail" reform.  [...]

And that ain't half of all of this, pal.  How can one "reform" an unconstitutional federal health care plan when it isn't in the asking for a Congress Critter?  I mean, really.  The CURRENT "federal health care plan" is a MESS BECAUSE of the currently induced federal health care system.  Right?  We have all kinds of PPO, HMO and other kinds of an "O" program, we have the Medicare and Medicaid FEDERAL programs that no one can find in the USC.  Right?  Right.  So, let's "delay, define and derail" this unconstitutional travesty that Stalin would be so proud of.

[...] And in the past few days their stunts and obstruction have reached a new low.  On Saturday at midnight, money for the Department of Defense – including the money that funds our troops overseas – is set to run out.  Thanks to Republican obstruction on health reform, the Senate delayed passing a bill to continue that funding. The bill includes, among other things: [...]

So, the stunts and obstructionism is based on what.  The United States Constitution.  How can that possibly be called stunts and obstructionism, eh?  Since when is the USC considered as a stunt or for being obstructionist?  Is the Document in the way of the Marxist-sociopathic ways and means?  Is it?  That's what the alleged tactic being used by the very unconstitutional constitutionalist Obama so says.  Right?

And, about that money for the Troops?  Why is that money being earmarked for so many other democrat party stunts and obstruction?  Why is it, if it so exists, are stunts and obstructionism used by the Marxist-sociopaths and the Republicans aren't allowed?  What's up with that?

And, what the hell are you yakkering about the Iraq War for?  You pinheads tried to LOSE that war 45 times in 2007, pal.  Remember?  Idiot.  The Troop Surge worked, Obama admitted to it and will use the Iraq Troop Surge manner to win in his own words.  So, is Obama being stunt worthy or an obstructionist, pal?

Hey!  Pfeiffer!  SHUT THE FUCK UP!

The Snooper Report.
Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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