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Obama Is The New Satan? Come On Hugo!

Chavez: Guess who Satan is now?

Oh.  Wait.

[...] What can we learn from this lesson? When dictatorial jackasses insult the US and its leader on the world stage, sometimes it’s because they’re jackasses, and not because of any American failing. Getting our panties in a wad because of what Chavez thinks of us not only is unproductive, it encourages him to be an even bigger jackass. Instead of worrying about Chavez’ assessment of the US, maybe it’s just best to worry about America’s interests instead. [...]

WOW!  Ed is getting off of that "moderate horse hair" gig!  ABSOLUTELY!

There's just one thing to say to a socialist hack like Chavez rambling on about the global warming myth...ASSHAT!  SHUT UP CHAVEZ you puker!

The next post is from Mike's America at his blog and Flopping Aces:

[...] Meanwhile, Obama has had about as much luck in Copenhagen convincing China and India to curb their carbon emissions as he did with winning the Olympics for Chicago! [END]

At Memeorandum:

Guardian: Obama speech fuels frustration at Copenhagen

US president offers no further commitment on reducing emissions or on finance to poor countries  —  Barack Obama stepped into the chaotic final hours of the Copenhagen summit today saying he was convinced the world could act “boldly and decisively” on climate change. [...]

Act boldy on?  On what?  The world wide MYTH of global warming?  Good luck with that seeing that the entire Nation is telling the Mythers to take a flying leap.  As Obama is giving things away to his GREAT communist buds in China, Obama treats himself to a Charlie Brown Christmas in Dopenhagen?

Look out, our speak harshly but carry a small, or no stick prez was angry and on display in Copenhagen as Obama chalked up another allegedly rousing, world-changing speech that wasn't. Note, that is precisely how the WH allowed his appearance to be billed. I posted that he was only inviting failure back on Dec 4.  Sure enough, China played Lucy to his Charlie Brown and moved the ball, causing Obama to land on his backside, empty-handed after a tactic that could become the defining theme of his term. [...]

Obama.  Idiot.

As America Goes Broke, Hillary Clinton Promises Money at Copenhagen

OMG!  Idiot Hillary.

Obama in Copenhagen: President Spins Climate Hysteria as Convention Fizzles to Close (VIDEO)

[...] The best bet for the U.S. is to defeat global warmingn legislation at home and eject the Democrats from office at the polls in 2010. China and India are going to look out for themselves, and the rest of the developing world is looking to cash in on the global warming shakedown. It's all one monumental disgrace. [...]

The above link is familiar with mine earlier: America's Top Dumbass Is In Copenhagen

Global warming is in deep manure

President Obama’s agriculture secretary Tom Vilsack announced at the Copenhagen climate change summit that methane gas emissions from the U.S. dairy industry will be reduced by 25 percent by 2020. Step aside big oil and big industry, now we have big cow flatulence causing global warming.

“U.S. to Capture Cow Farts to Save the Planet,” is the title of the recent piece appearing in  Daily Finance.

Far left liberals are truly disturbed people. [...]

And don't forget about the worm farts either!  And, yes, they are truly deranged and will believe anyone that thinks America sucks.

Times of India: Secret UN Report Finds Rich Nations Cheating On Climate - and that is what happens when the entire globe has been caught up in the largest fraud in the world history.  One cheat cheats and the whole world starts cheating to get in on the act.  Incredible.

Global Warming.  The Myth.  Perhaps Dopenhagen will vanish from the planet?

The Snooper Report.
Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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Reader Comments (2)

As for global warming I think the pundits and politicians should leave this issue to the scientists.
Next thing you know the politicians will be telling us what's the best cure for cancer.

There are enough climatologist and people who study weather patterns .
Let them come to whatever conclusion they want.
Then we can deal with it instead of l

If I need an operation, I go to an expert. I don't listen to some streetcorner charlatan selling snake oil.

This whole issue is a scientific one and should be determined by scientist. They may end up drawing the wrong conclusion but let's let them slug it out . At least we know we did all we could.

December 19, 2009 | Unregistered Commenternorris hall

Exactly. However, when the scientists have been had and shown to be total liars, what else should anyone think?

I have been studying "climate change" since I was 13 and I am now 54. To date, there hasn't been global cooling or global warming and Al Gore is an idiot so why believe him? Is Al Gore a scientist? I don't think so.

December 19, 2009 | Registered CommenterMark "Snooper" Harvey

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