Christmas Is Over (in Texas): Onward to Squelch The Obamatronish
Sat, December 26, 2009 at 1:46
Mark "Snooper" Harvey in Barack Hussein Obama, Obama Is A Liar

We had a terrorist attack on another American airliner with a return trip to Detroit from Amsterdam.  The WaPo and others were well into this attack but had to change their story.  Why change Truth?  Libtards.  And the LIC, the Libtard in Chief, was on vacation in Hawaii (trying to get his birth certificate?).  The link in this paragraph is from Donald Douglas.  Below is the perfect picture of two morons hell-bent on destroying this Nation.  One of them is a flat-out Jiahdi scum and the other is the worst racist this Nation has ever known.  Go read his post at American Power but, here is the picture.  I suppose this is why the Obama Clan of maroons don't go to church, seeing that this isn't a "Christian" Nation.

What a couple of mugshots here, eh?

Ace reports: Terrorist Attempt Update: Bomb Was Incendiary, Comprised of Mixed Liquids; Obama Only Notified Three Hours After Incident

[...] I blew this story off because Hot Air was reporting that officials were walking it back and calling the device mere "firecrackers."

This seems pretty far from the truth, and it doesn't seem like an error someone would make.

So I'd really like to know who the hell started putting out the word to the media that this was just a matter of some "firecrackers."

AHFF Geoff also notes the three hour gap that went missing in the WaPo piece also shows up in a Politico article:

[...] White House spokesman Bill Burton said President Obama, on vacation in Hawaii, was informed of the incident about three hours after the plane landed. [...]

He (Geoff) points out the possibility of multiple attacks, possibly requiring fast reaction. So why was the President allowed to snooze in Hawaii undisturbed? [END]

Because Obama is a Jihadi sympathizer and this will be #2 terror attack on this Nation since Obama.  The first one was Major Jihadi at Fort Hood.

And, here's another Obamabot acting the ass: VIDEO PROOF– C-SPAN Caller Who Pranked Sen. Barrosso Was Phoney Republican

I have not written about this in the past, when it happened because I already knew it was a libtard prank.  And, to add insult to injury here, libtards have no values whatsoever.  They have no classThey have no scruplesThey have no substanceThey are full of media malfeasanceThey are without civility because of their uncivil tones.  They are in love with Howard Zinn, George Soros and Think Like Dweebs was all over the fraud "republican".  Interesting how this all works out.

Here's a few Obamabot "diplomats" acting the ass now: Obama era: Disgusting, Degenerate US Consulate: American Diplomatic Vehicle Tries to Run Over Checkpoint Guard, Lewd and Obscene Gestures at Female Guards

I do not recognize this country. I do not recognize the marxist legislation to nationalize healthcare and I do not recognize America on the world stage. These are the acts of  ........... wild animals. America never behaved is such a way. Ever.

This latest report is so disturbing because of what it represents. Who are these degenerates? How can they officially represent my country? These are low lives. We are going down so far, so fast. I am ashamed of America.

Who behaves this way in an official capacity? Who treats Israel this way? Who treats women this way? Were these Muslims? [...]

Pamela?  Obama is a Jihadi.  You know that so this shouldn't be a big surprise here.  However, HOW DARE THEY!

In other news: Obama: I'm Getting 95% of What I Want from Healthcare Bill, Too Bad for Everyone Else

This fraud Obama will get anything passed in the Congress and he doesn't care if it rapes the United States Constitution so why should he give a damn about, PEOPLE?

There's more news.  Sen. Barrosso: If Obamacare Were Such a Great Bill Why Would 13 Democrats Say They Weren’t Going to Vote Until Their States Got Special Exclusions? (Video)

I like this one from Pat Dollard: The Democrats Hit Their Tipping Point Of Corruption

In other words, Obama is a liar.  That's right.  I said that he is a liar.  Campaign promises?  Not a problem.  That was just talk.  Right?

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