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Her Nappiness At DHS: I've Changed My Mind - So Does Obama?

This woman is an inept ass.  First, she woke up from her non-Christmas Christmas, got her briefing from an Obamabot moron and said the "system worked".  Then, she heard a "few things", al-Qaeda said they did the deal and now she thinks otherwise.  The "system" failed miserably.  Where has she been keeping her brain?  Don't answer that...I already know.

Napolitano: You Know, The More I Think About It, Maybe Letting an Al Qaeda Terrorist Aboard a Plane With Powerful Explosives That Only Failed Due to a Balky Detonator Represents Some Kind of Failure in the System After All

That's a long ass title of an article, isn't it?  Why write a post when the entire incident is in the tiltle?  However, Janet Nappyho better get her face out of Obama's ass.

[...] What many have been worrying about -- me among them -- is the day they figure out that big spectacular attacks are too difficult, and it's far easier to just do a series of small attacks. Blowing up one plane. Walking into one mall and opening fire.

Napolitano had better realize that she can't rely on terrorist incompetence to save us forever or else her own gross incompetence will soon have a bodycount starting in the dozens and perhaps even the hundreds. [...]

Exactly so.  I wonder what she thinks of her disastrous Right Wing Terrorist hootis she delivered and then "removed it from service" after everybody got a copy.

NWA 253: Who Was The Mystery Videotaper -- and Was He Able to Send His Video Back to Al-Qaeda?

[...] The obvious implication is that the mystery videotaper was there as part of the Al Qaeda team. His job, presumably, was to document the attempt in the event if failed to come off "successfully":

• Was the bomber detected ahead of the planned detonation and, if so, how?

• How would the crew and passengers react once the fuse was lit?

• What methods would those aboard use to defeat the threat if indeed the bomb failed to ignite?

In other words, Al Qaeda presumably wanted to learn from any failure by taping the entire incident.

And if the mystery taper was able to deplane and transmit the video back to Al Qaeda, it represents another major tactical failure for Janet Napolitano and the Obama administration's "War on Man-Made Disasters". [...]

Interesting, eh?  Now, Joycelyn Elders Janet Napoleanitanio needs to pay more attention to the almost real news group called Fox News: Al Qaeda Claims Responsibility for Attempted Bombing of U.S. Plane

CAIRO  —  Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula on Monday claimed responsibility for the attack on a U.S. airliner bound for Detroit on Christmas Day, saying it was retaliation for a U.S. operation against the group in Yemen. [...]

I guess all the rug-rats libtards are now seeing what they can do about this terrorist attack on American  Oh.  Wait.  BUSH DID IT!

Too bad the Jihadis said THEY did it.  Oh.  Wait.  Bush did it before Obama did it...or did Obama do anything?  Oh.  Wait.  He DIDn't do anything so Bush just HAD to do it...whatever "it" is.

"The System Worked": Man Gets On LaGuardia To NY Flight With Firecracker

AHA!  Another lonely terrorists, 3, 2, 1...

Via CBS, one of the Obamedia Stations (kind of hard trying to hide this stuff, eh?): FBI: Man Flew Into LaGuardia With Firecracker

A passenger who flew into LaGuardia Airport on Sunday night was questioned by FBI agents after allegedly boarding the flight with an explosive device in his possession, CBS 2 has learned.

Officials confirmed Monday that a crew member on board Piedmont Airlines flight 4126, originating from Baltimore Washington International Airport, was cleaning the plane after it landed in New York around 7:30 p.m. when he found a large firecracker-like device wedged between two seats. Port Authority officials contacted FBI agents, and the passenger from that seat location, identified as 67-year-old Thomas Ouelette, of Bonita Springs, Fla., was tracked down and taken into custody.

Ouelette was planning on taking a connecting flight to Fort Myers, Fla. from New York.

Authorities did not release details on the kind of device discovered other than saying it was a 4-inch-long, three-quarter-inch-wide explosive pyrotechnic. [...]

I wonder if Murtha thinks all of this is a hoax now seeing that he said just a few days ago that al-Qaeda isn't a threat anymore.  Perhaps he would be willing to redeploy to his "congressional elevator" again.  I hope I get to see this moron this coming January, 5, 6, 7 and 8.  Perhaps Bev could come with me?

In that CBS article they also said this...makes my skin crawl but, then agaiin, they are the Obamedia.

[...] The latest incident comes on the heels of the alleged Christmas day attempt to blow up a Northwest Airlines plane headed for Detroit from Amsterdam. [...]

ALLEGED?  ALLEGED?  Morons.  I have the "alleged" items in my Go Bags.  HA!  And there's more coming!

Ben Smith / Ben Smith's Blog: GOP blame at TSA?

As Republicans seek to put the blame for the widespread perception of ineptness at the Transportation Security Administration on the Obama administration, Democrats are arguing that Republican legislators bear part of the blame and that they're politically vulnerable on the subject. [...]

Figures.  Bush did it.  Frikkin' M.O.R.O.N.S.!  OH!  BUT WAIT!  CAIR Apologizes For Weekend Bomb Attempts

Yeah right. You didn't really believe that...did you?

What they actually did was quickly issue a statement urging Americans to pretend it has not been Muslim males trying to blow up planes...and to continue screening red headed two year olds as diligently as Ebrahim from Yemen.

"A Muslim advocacy group is urging passengers, crews and security personnel to avoid ethnic and religious "profiling" in the wake of the attempted bombing of a Northwest Airlines flight in Detroit on Christmas Day. [...]

Moonbat CAIR.  Why are they still here again?

New York Times: Security System Failed, Napolitano Acknowledges

Note: the title to the article has changed...go fugure.  I guess because it showed that Nappyheaded moron was, er, uh, a moron.  The new title is as such: Qaeda-Linked Group Claims It Was Behind Bomb Attempt.

[...]  Just hours before the president’s appearance, his secretary of homeland security, Janet Napolitano, appeared on NBC’s “Today” show to recalibrate the assessment she and another top official offered on Sunday. Ms. Napolitano said her remark had been taken out of context and that the thwarted bombing in fact represented a failure of the nation’s aviation security system.

“Our system did not work in this instance,” she said. “No one is happy or satisfied with that. An extensive review is under way.”  [...]

Taken out of context.  Let's see.  A guy got on a plane that even the British forbade the fool to come to England.  He got through enough security for most with explosives.  Tried to set them off but the detonator failed.  People attacked the guy.  The terrorist was subdued.  Nappybeotch said that everythying was OK and the system worked.  How was that taken out of context?  Moron.  If anyone believes that I will buy you a ticket to way.

Kenneth Chang / New York Times: Explosive on Flight 253 Is Among Most Powerful

GREAT NEWS there, isn't it?

Here's another article on the inept Joycelyn Elders Janet Napoleanitanio: Incompetent Homeland Hack: Uh, I Misquoted Myself or Something - yeah.  She was taken out of context.  Right.  UHHUH!

There are more and more of these terrorists people.  Wake up.  The time to act is well upon us so stop with the retarded Rules of Engagement are Troops - PROTECTING YOU ALL - are working under.  One of the elements is ISAF.  To the men working in the field, ISAF = I Suck At Fighting.  One bottle of water a day with one MRE a day, searching in piles of crap for ammo MUST STOP!

Breaking: Al-Qaeda Takes Responsibility For Detroit Terror Attempt

Al-Qaeda takes credit for Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s attempted plane bombing.  Jveritas at Free Republic reported this breaking news:

Al Falojah” terrorist forum just posted ten minutes ago a press release from “Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula” (Yemen and Saudi Arabia) where they adopted the terrorist attempt on the plane in Detroit on December 25 2009.

The thread on “Al Falojah” terrorist forum is # 97593 the author of the thread is “Mourasel Al Fajr” who is the official Al Qaeda press representative on Al Qaeda affiliated terrorist forums.

I know Obama has "come clean" but this is too funny: The System Worked? Janet Napolitano Flip-Flops on Terror Threat; President Obama, Still Mum on Thwarted Attack, Will Take Golf Break to Address Nation from American Power:

At ABC News, "Terror in the Skies: Janet Napolitano Says U.S. Must Reexamine Terror-Watch and No-Fly Lists: Homeland Security Secretary, After Saying Screening System Worked, Concedes That Changes are Needed."

Yeah.  She was taken out of context.  Right.

The Snooper Report.
Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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Reader Comments (4)

When will she resign or be fired.

First, she labels us Right-Wingers, Tea-Baggers, Neo-Cons or whatever the hateful term of the day is for us are terrorists.

Now al-Queda tries to blow up a plane and she does a major flip-flop on whether or not the system works or not. Not just a little discrepancy.

And POTUS SCHMOTUS interrupts his golf game to make us feel better????? In the words of my favorite blogger - SHUT UP!!!!!!

1st things 1st - the Nappy one must go (you figure it out)!

December 28, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterPastor Ed Boston

Every Obamabot in DC needs to excommunicated from the USA.

December 28, 2009 | Registered CommenterMark "Snooper" Harvey

she is out of her depth and she needs to resign - now.

This imbecile is so clueless, she didn't realise Scotland Yard areadly had a dossier on this jackass and the 25 chums of his awaiting orders.

I think it would make the hairs on the back of our collective neck stand on end if we got briefed on on the intel the Brits have on these jihadi scumbags.

Janet needs to wake up and shut up.

December 29, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterkris

That would be STFU and STFD for the Nappiness.

Damn. I know more about these Jihadi scum suckers than the entire Obamabot Clan of the Marxist House. I FOUGHT the bastards for almost 20 years!

December 29, 2009 | Registered CommenterMark "Snooper" Harvey

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