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American Democrats Own Iran's Problems

What can I say about Iran?  What can anyone say about Jimmy Carter's Iran?  Didn't Jimmy Carter say that overturning Iran from the Shah of Iran that those great "religious people" were taking over?  Ergo Jimmy Carter, the American Democrats own that which is transpiring in Iran.  Those nice religious people are killing their own Iranians because they are refusing those "nice religious people".  So, what does Obama say about Iran?  Nothing.

Then again, Poor Obama: Being president is exhausting, afterall, it's The Obama Way.

[...] Via AP.

All together now: Boo-freaking-hoo.

The piece certainly helps explain President McCrankyPants’ hasty, bloodless, perfunctory statement yesterday on the Christmas Day jihad attack and the Iranian crackdown.

But what else did you expect from a man who has been phoning it in from the beginning of his brief political career as the Illinois state senator who voted “present” nearly 130 times?

Americans can help alleviate the exhausted commander-in-chief’s discomfort by ensuring his retirement in 2012.


You know what else saps Obama’s energy? Passing the buck. [END]

And then...

[...] Of course, many of us warned of this problem when the Democrats nominated a man who had never held executive office at any level for the toughest executive position in the world.  Obama has demonstrated all of the leadership one would expect from a legislative back-bencher, a man who passed the buck a lot more often than he held it at both the state and federal levels prior to winning the election last November.  He has passed the buck repeatedly this year, on Porkulus, ObamaCare, cap-and-trade, and would have done so on Afghanistan had there been anyone who could have handled it.  The Obama Way is the anti-Truman, and his falling approval rating reflects the fact that Americans have begun to discover that. [...]

We all knew about this upstart do-nothing mutant thinking that being a "President" cures all things.  Being the "President" doesn't cure anything for anybody.  It's what the "President" does that makes good things - and bad - happen.  Obama?  He's a community organizer.  BIG WOOP DE DO!  Perhaps there's some community organizing areas he could very well fit into like North Korea.  Millions are starving to death in that befuddled communist state.  Let Obama and the democrats move's already a communist state.

Always remember this: My Gums Are Bleeding: Obama's First Year As DIC...Dunce In Chief.  Some idiot has decided that because Obama had a "bad childhood" that maybe he just needs a chance to succeed.  Succeed at what?  A United Socialist State of America?  Mark Whitaker wrote that POS article thinking that most of America is dumb.  The only dumb people in this Nation are the ones that are still fervently in love with the worst community organizer in this Nation that ever was and that believed in a man that dedicated his entire existence on Satan...Saul Alinsky.  Good job, Mark.  Good job, Obama.  Two peas in a rotted pod.

[...] The other theme running through "Dreams From My Father" is Obama's capacity for self-examination and self-improvement. He has applied that introspection to becoming a better person, a better writer and speaker, and a better politician. In Hawaii for the holidays, taking the long walks he so misses at the White House, Obama may well be reflecting on what he needs to do to be a more effective president. [...]

Have you ever heard or read such stupidity as that?  I suppose that perhaps as Obama is "walking around" in Hawaii he is trying to figure out ways to besmirch the very Americans in this Nation that are on the side of those rebelling against the evil regime such as Iran.  It's so hard to be a "President", isn't it Obama?  Perhaps The One is considering taking the cue-ins of this nut...

Robert F. Worth / New York Times: Iran Lashes Out at West Over Protests

BEIRUT, Lebanon — Iranian authorities continued arresting hundreds of opposition members and accused the United States and Britain on Tuesday of orchestrating the violent demonstrations that rocked the capital and other cities on Sunday. [...]

Just like a democrat-terrorist, isn't it?  Always blaming someone or something else for their very own stupidity.  Dems and terrorists...they speak the exact same language.

From Pat Dollard via the NRO: The Iranian Power Struggle: Is A Regime Change Possible?

Iran has come to a test of strength between the regime and the people. At this point, the outcome is uncertain. All sorts of unquantifiable factors like the character and will of leaders are in play, as well as unforeseeable interventions, for instance from the military or the Revolutionary Guards, plain accident, perhaps an atrocity. And not least, what President Obama says, in the event that he stops sitting on the fence.

What’s been happening is a textbook lesson in politics. The mullahs had put in place an ideological regime. This meant that they were able to run the country only so long as they remained united. Rigged elections last June revealed that the mullahs were fighting for power among themselves and would go to any lengths to win. Under their turbans and robes, the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and those who do the dirty work for him were evidently careerists and not the devout Muslims they claimed to be. Those who were cheated in that election also wore robes and turbans, but the blatant openness of the cheating created exactly the sort of factionalism that destroyed the Soviet Union and is fatal to any ideological regime. [...]

It is time for a regime change in Iran but our very own Jihadi lover, Obama, cannot stand for such "atrocities".  Can he?  Will he?  Not if he wants favor among those that are still willing to blow up our airliners on a "religious" Christmas Day.  Ergo, changing the "names" of the Global War On Terror, Jihadi, Haji and other murderous scum in the hopes that the name-calling will end the war against The America by any means possible doesn't change the fact that America is ingrained in a religious war and that religious war is Jihad.  It is us against them and that is exactly what is taking place in Iran.  Like Atlas Shrugs said today, Iran in is day 189 of their revolution.  Day 189 Iran Revolution: Cracking Down, Cracking Heads, Crushing Dissent, Arresting Human Rights ActivistsIran Is On FireObama looking for a “hard pivot” on Iran?Published Document States Khamenei Is Planning to Escape to RussiaChange! Iranian Speaker Blasts Obama For Interfering in Iranian AffairsEvil Khamenei Regime Thugs in Trucks Run Over Protesters in the Street (Video)Legitimate, Duly-Elected Regime of "Islamic Republic of Iran" Once Again Moves to Settle "Debate" With Citizens Which They Have Every Right to Do and We Shouldn't Say Anything Because That Would Be "Meddling"Well Look Who Woke Up: Obama Condemns IranKrauthammer: It’s time for Obama to declare Iran’s government illegitimateAngela Merkel Speaks Out In Support of Iranian Freedom Protesters… Obama Relaxes at Beach.

FRONTLINE: The start of an Iranian intifada

An Iranian-style intifada seems to be in the making.  —  At the beginning of the current period of opposition, which started soon after Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's controversial reelection, quiet periods of seeming normalcy occurred between what were less frequent demonstrations. [...]

Below are pictures and videos of Iran, recently

Nile Gardiner / Iranian protesters are dying for freedom - where is Barack Obama?

I wrote back in June about the shameful silence of the Obama administration during the mass street protests that greeted Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's fraudulent re-election victory as President of Iran. [...]

Obama is a coward.  Obama is hiding.  Obama wants this all to go away because it is coming to the USA.

More at Memeorandum...

Where is Obama and his cronies of deceit, lies and marxism?

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