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Taking A Look At the Hate-Filled Anti-constitutionalists

Check this out, Honolulu homey ... Ann Coulter and Andrew Breitbart on Obama's horrid attitude towards terrorism...

Veteran Gene Gartman fighting governmant corruption and Pawlenty is pushing for a constitutional Amendment for a balanced budget.

DeMint tries to let everyone know how much a leftard Obama and Clan are and Jim Gibbons lays it on the line against ReidCoCare.

And what about Obama's lazy-arse look see into terrorism.  You know.  That overseas man-made disaster thingie...

“Support for terrorism” too vague and sweeping - WOW!  Too vague AND too sweeping?  Sounds like a libtard way of thinking there, eh?   Obama's Shamefully Disengaged Statement.  Really?  Disengaged?  How about completely off the wall and out of this universe?  Do the ACLU and privacy activists share the blame for Christmas Day attack?  I know.  That's a silly question but SOMEONE has to ask the obvious even to the oblivious.  Answer?  YES YES and YES!  CAIR on profiling.  They are saying that profiling is counterproductive.  Naturally, discovering the terrorists ARE counterproductive for the terrorists.  Hello?  That's the point but, youb know, CAIR is all about terror and catching them could be a bad thing.  The Napolitano strategy for dealing with 'underwear bombers'.  Oh good grief.  That wench just needs to go.  Does ACLU Share Blame for Christmas Day Attack?.  Yes, it does.  Hot Air asked the same question earlier.  Both articles are very good.  Pay No Attention to the Muhammadan Behind the Curtain.  More of Obama's hatred of those damned Israelis.  Those terrorists are so much better because no one understands them.  Judas H Priest.  Taking down Obama's 'do not disturb' sign.  Yeah, well, taking 3 days to look into the Christmas Day attack is a horrendous act to follow...snicker snicker snort snort.  OBAMA THINKS WE’RE IGNORAMUSES… LIKE NAPOLITANO?.  OMG!  She actually spoke about this!  Just kidding.  GREAT show Andrea!  AP Newsflash: Terrorist was Sad.  OMG!  Sad?  He was smiling at the hospital!  Sad?  Because of what?  Getting caught?  Moron.  Peter King Calls For Tribunal For Skid Mark Bomber / Better airport scanners delayed by privacy fears.  It would be a whole lot better to go after TERRORISTS via racial profiling and paying attention to details.  Judas H Priest people.  Why Do they Keep Releasing Violent Jihadists into the General Population? Misunderstander of Islam charged with terrorism: threatened jihad violence two days after being released on $100 bond.  Misunderstander.  Good God Almighty...OH!  WAIT!  A PC moment here...good [g]_d [a]lmighty.  There.  That's better.  Here comes a SPECIAL treat!  Stunner. Skittish Dem’s Cut-&-Run From Obama’s Failed National Security Policies.  WHAT?  Did someone actually say (besides myself and many other conservatives) FAILED National Security measures?  Obama's?  WOW!  Holy Smokes!  Report: CIA knew about Abdulmuttalab in August; Update: More details; Update: CIA defends itself.  More FAILED Obama shit.  Obama’s Failure to Lead – Over and Over Again.  When does all of this stop?  Did Holder's Law Firm Represent Christmas Bomber Mastermind?.  Yes, he did.  And here is more Obama crap...telling the Jihadis just what we are going to do TO them because, not having any for sure data, will be ATTACKING them in Yemen...Terrific. Obama Officials Tip Off Al-Qaeda in Yemen Of Retalitory Strikes.  Frikkin morons.  Wahhhhh!! / Web posts suggest lonely, depressed terror suspect.  Chicago Ray cracks me up.

Now, here we go again, just to make sure that everyone sees this video: Obama Massages Ball Bomber's Jihad: "Disaster Inevitable" and more data on that systemic failure...from Obama, letting folks know that HE didn't do anything because HE is the Rezident.

All of the above was from the 29th!  I will have more for the 30th.

The Snooper Report.
Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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